Jason Safdie

Interview: War, peace and optimism for an embattled region of sorrow

Bernard Reich, professor of political science and international affairs, has devoted much of his life to studying the Middle East. He sat down with The Hatchet on April 18 to explain the war between the Israelis and Palestinians. The material for the Arab-Israeli Conflict class he teaches finds itself on the front pages of major […]

Meet Adam Putnam, the youngest congressman in office

Picture this. You are 26 years old and have just been elected to the U.S. Congress where you will serve in the House of Representatives as its youngest member. No one in your family has ever held elected office. Your parents call you crazy. But as loving parents often do, they support your quest, regardless […]

I hear you: Submissions policy change needed

Sometimes it is those responsible for exposing a weakness in an organization that deserve credit for making that particular organization stronger. Although it is an unfortunate new requirement for more personal information, The Hatchet will now require those who submit letters to the editor to also include their telephone number. We realize there is no […]

Greenspan supports globalization

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan asserted his unwavering support of globalization despite recent terrorist acts to a packed Media and Public Affairs auditorium full of business school students, professors and area professionals Monday night. “Fear of terrorist acts . has the potential to induce disengagement from activities, both domestic and across borders,” Greenspan said […]

After Sept. 11: Cope with terror and get on with life

How does one cope with terror? With each passing day, it seems we edge closer to unforeseen perils. Although there is little college students can do to directly impact the war on terrorism, we can aid our nation’s effort indirectly by taking back our lives from the fear al Qaeda attempts to instill in us. […]

Post Sept. 11: Attacks change outlook

Sometimes when I go for a run, I go to the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. The grounds, where so many of our bravest patriots peacefully rest, have a distinct, quiet power with an ability to move the most stoic visitors. Prior to Sept. 11, I would explore the cemetery with a sense of […]

Column: ‘Ground zero’ shows need for action

On Oct. 5, I took the Delta Shuttle from Reagan National Airport to La Guardia Airport to see my brother in New York City. Putting all the anxieties of flying in this new world aside, something powerful and equally moving happened on the flight’s approach to La Guardia. A woman sitting in the window seat […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Attorneys complete Cosby Case

Defense and prosecuting lawyers presented their closing arguments Thursday, asking a D.C. Superior Court judge to consider the credibility of their witnesses in his decision, which is scheduled for Tuesday. The closing remarks came after defense attorney Billy Martin called his last witnesses to confirm Cosby’s testimony that he gave away two guns he owned […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Judge jails Cosby until sentence hearing

A D.C. Superior court judge Tuesday convicted GW basketball player Attila Cosby of seven misdemeanor charges for sexually assaulting an alleged prostitute with a broomstick at gunpoint in May 2000. Cosby was led from the court in handcuffs by U.S. marshals and will be held without bond until his sentencing hearing Sept. 10. He faces […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Judge rejects defense motion to acquit

D.C. Superior Court Judge Neal E. Kravitz rejected a motion by the defense Monday to dismiss charges against GW basketball player Attila Cosby on grounds the testimony of Cosby’s accuser is implausible. The prosecution, which called its last witness, presented evidence linking Cosby to a gun before the defense called its first witness. Joseph Anderson, […]