Jason Mogavero

The best movie ever made

In anticipation of next week’s Academy Awards, I would like to make a bold claim. After years of close scrutiny and study of the awards, I believe that I am now in possession of the knowledge necessary to create a film that would not only be a shining Oscar darling, but would become the divine […]

“Assisted Living”

Anyone who’s had a relative in a nursing home or other elderly-care facility knows that the phrase “assisted living” can be misleading; one’s life is not being assisted – it’s often driven, at the cost of an individual’s independence. It is in this uncomfortably carceral setting that writer-director-producer Elliot Greenebaum created his independent tragicomedy “Assisted […]

Review: Ocean’s Twelve

The creation of great film sequels seems to come from a want to produce them, not from a need. The general critical reception of Steven Soderbergh’s 2001 remake of the Rat Pack caper “Ocean’s Eleven” was that it was fun and slick but by no means a masterpiece. “Ocean’s Twelve” (Warner Bros.) was created out […]

“A Very Long Engagement”

If you wish to see writer-director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and lead actress Audrey Tautou together in a sweet, dreamlike fairy tale like their previous outing “Amelie,” you will be sorely disappointed in the pair’s new film. The rest of us will be able to enjoy a sweeping, deeply affecting love story underpinned by the madness and […]

Movie Review: “Spongebob Squarepants”

In his book “From Caligari to Hitler,” film theorist Siegfried Kracauer argues that Hitler’s rise to power in the crippled post-World War I Germany was aided by the cinematic movement German Expressionism, which focused entirely on creating alternate, almost dreamlike realities in the films under its stylistic umbrella. By taking the focus away from the […]

Defeat the beast

Over the years, Woody Harrelson has been a natural born killer, a porn king and a white man that just can’t jump. But in Ron Mann’s new documentary “Go Further” (Abramorama Entertainment), he shows his true colors: a down-to-Mother Earth, thinking guy. “Go Further” documents Harrelson in 2001, spearheading the Simple Organic Living tour, a […]

The Hatchet rates GW Halloween Costumes

Don’t know what to be this year? Well, we’ve got a few ideas. In preparation for the weekend, The Hatchet has mapped out some of the most common and creative GW Halloween costumes. Abstract concept costume – 2 Pumpkins You’ve seen this one before. Indicators include excessive fabric, some sort of interpretive dance, the words […]

Common Ground Film Festival at the Elliot School

The Elliott School will host the 2004 Common Ground Film Festival, providing a venue for the free discussion of films designed to motivate, instigate, inspire or just make people think. Sponsored by the group Search For Common Ground, the Festival’s purpose (according to its website) is “to showcase films that focus on individuals who are […]

Matt Stone discusses “Team America: World Police”

With “Team America: World Police” (Paramount), the new film from “South Park” co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the filmmakers echo 1998’s “South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut” using an alternative medium. This time, their palette is puppets and their targets are action films, Hollywood actors, nationalist hubris and Kim Jong Il. “Team America” revolves […]

The Beastie Boys are still Ill

Throughout their 23-year existence, the Beastie Boys underwent otherwise unthinkable metamorphoses in both musicality and style. Today, New York City’s favorite sons are so far removed from any conventions, expectations or previous incarnations of themselves that they defy any characterization outside of simply being the Beastie Boys. After phases as satirical drunken frat boys, blazed […]