Jason Kane

Protesting for peace

In the early-morning light flooding the sidewalks of Lafayette Park, Concepcion Picciotto rises stiffly from her rustic encampment of protest. Peering intensely back at tourists who gawk at her from all angles of Pennsylvania Avenue, Picciotto, flyers in hand, braces for another day of heated controversy. For nearly 25 years, Picciotto has enacted the same […]

Democrats look to rain on Republican parade

Outrage and frustration crowded the streets of Washington along with GW freshman Rachael Whitley and thousands of other protestors as George W. Bush made his way along the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route four years ago. “I wasn’t even near where the parade was and it was unbelievable – there were so many people distraught and […]

Nintendo: Not just child’s play for an ’80s generation

From the moment the Nintendo generation crawled to the control pad, its hazy glare fixed itself upon a Technicolor land of crusading plumbers, stalking mushroom heads and pale princesses awaiting rescue at the end of the eighth world. Nearly two decades later, many continue the quest, often proclaiming the mechanical melody of the Super Mario […]

GW vs. Foggy Bottom: A century of soured relations

Upon emerging from her apartment complex on a brisk October afternoon, 97-year-old Elizabeth Adams strolled north along 24th Street, leisurely skirting the edge of campus. For nearly a century, the vicinity has served as a fault line of a great and often thunderous battle between a vibrant community and an equally dynamic university. The scars […]

When music meant tunes, not lawsuits

Basking in the soft glow of their home computer screens, young adults throughout the nation heralded the birth of the technological age by saluting the headphone-toting Napster cat and rushing their music savings to the bank. Beginning in 1999, the allure of innovative music downloading services quickly spread throughout the United States, allowing many to […]