Jason J. Safdi?

Who am I?

You are probably wondering two things right now. Who am I? And what happened to The Hatchet’s old opinions editor? I was asked by those managing the paper to assume the responsibilities of the opinions editor after my predecessor, Drew Holland, graduated in December. Perhaps a brief introduction is in order. My past experience with […]

Interns anticipate getting back to work

GW students interning on Capitol Hill who have had a week and a half off of work said they are eager to return despite recent discoveries of anthrax in the area. “It’s been a nice break, but I’m ready to go back,” said junior Arianna Gleckel, an intern for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y). Schumer’s mail […]

Students look to change 7-eleven house image

A house at 910 New Hampshire Ave., dubbed the “7-Eleven house” by GW students because of the 7-Eleven store next door, is now home to five members of the unrecognized Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. Long known on campus as a top spot for keg parties open to students for a few dollars at the door, […]

‘Crossfire’ returns for another week

“Crossfire” co-hosts Tucker Carlson and Bill Press engaged the GW student body in friendly banter to warm up for a live broadcast from campus Thursday. Citing packed audiences, a Hatchet article and intelligent questions from the students as reasons to keep up the new town hall meeting format, they announced the show would call GW […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Senators discuss military action at GW ‘Crossfire’

Posted 11:30 a.m. Sept. 21 In times of war, unusual things happen. CNN’s “Crossfire,” which is broadcasting live from GW all week, was not immune to that phenomenon Wednesday night as hosts from the right and left and two senior senators put aside their differences and discussed a pending war with students. Sens. Joseph Biden, […]

Critics skeptical of Senate-mandated security measures in airports

Posted 10:00 p.m. Oct. 22 By Jason J. Safdi? U-WIRE Washington Bureau In a rare demonstration of bipartisan solidarity, the Senate Oct. 11 unanimously passed legislation strengthening the safety of the country’s air transport system. It would require strengthened cockpit doors, put armed federal marshals on most flights and allow pilots to arm themselves with […]

Interns anticipate getting back to work on Capitol Hill

Posted 6:55 p.m. Oct. 29 By Jason J. Safdi? U-WIRE Washington Bureau Unfazed by the new dangers of bioterrorism, determined students working as interns on Capitol Hill said they eagerly anticipate returning to their offices this week. Because of the security sweeps conducted by health and law enforcement authorities, many students have been out of […]

Student drafts bill

Sophomore Sam Kelner will realize his dream of encouraging young people to participate in government if Congress passes a bill intended to strengthen the youth voice on Capitol Hill. The Samuel Kelner Commission on Youth Authorization would allow eight students 18 years old and younger to advise Congress on issues affecting today’s youth. The proposal […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Student proposes legislation to Congress

Students who are too young to vote or feel they do not have a voice in politics would be heard if legislation proposed by GW sophomore Samuel Kelner passes Congress. The Samuel Kelner Commission on Youth Authorization Act, which was referred to a House subcommittee in June, would create a panel of eight student appointees […]

GW celebrates living and learning programs

GW celebrated accomplishments of 300 freshmen who participated in the Community Living and Learning Center residence hall programs this year Friday. CLLC hosted its first Living and Learning Symposium to provide an opportunity for communities to showcase their year’s achievements, said Kirsten Freeman, assistant director of the Community of Scholars at CLLC. Seven of the […]