Jason Halal

A.W.K.: Is he for real? Let’s find out

Hatchet: Is this the first time you’ve played a college show? Andrew W.K.: This is the third or fourth one we’ve done, and I don’t mean this as any disrespect at all to the organizers or to George Washington University, but I was talking to some kids today, and many students didn’t even know we […]

All things Duvall

Actor Robert Duvall reminisced about his 40-year acting career, legendary films and the acting methods that have propelled him to the top of the film world at Lisner Auditorium last week. With a career including almost 100 feature films and a laundry list of awards and honors, Duvall has been an essential piece of many […]

Revies: Dumb and Dumberer

A few years back, I realized that between first grade and now, one thing has remained constant: my undying love for toilet humor. You know, poop and pee jokes, sexual innuendoes, etc. Really high brow stuff. Good ‘ol poop and pee stories still crack me up just as much as ever. It was with this […]

Thanks for the memories

T-minus 10 days, five hours and 32 seconds. Destination: the real world. The countdown to graduation clock on the wall of Lindy’s Red Lion is staring at me, taunting me. “This is it,” the clock says. “No more lectures, no more summer vacations, no more college parties. Your time is up and we’re kicking you […]

The Buzz: But I have a prescription!

It’s hard to believe marijuana was once not only legal in the United States, but an accepted pharmaceutical drug. A little more than 150 years ago, W. B. O’Shaughnessy, at the Medical College of Calcutta, found the leafy green plant helped alleviate pain and relax muscles. Over the next half a century, doctors worldwide prescribed […]

The Buzz: Joining the Chain Gangs

As your car inches ahead the monotony becomes unbearable. You’ve moved only a few feet since starting the engine. Hunched over the steering wheel, your legs fall asleep. Perhaps you can still see your house from where you sit. And, of course, just as you enter the lane that seems to be moving the fastest, […]

Pursuing further education

There are only three months left before graduation. For many seniors, the days of partying late, waking up late and choosing sleep instead of classes are numbered. So does this mean, gasp, getting a job? It could, unless seniors are willing to stay in school for another few years to further their education. Harsh economic […]

The art of dating

When a young man wants to show a special lady how much he cares for her, he gives her his pin. Maybe he gives her his letter jacket after the sock-hop to show her that he wants to go steady. If he’s lucky, they might neck in his backseat atop Lookout Point. Yeah, back in […]

Fine dining with a helping of homicide

Last Saturday night I witnessed a murder. I just finished my chicken dinner at ZK’s at Santarelli Gardens, when Clara Witherspoon, the restaurant’s newly-hired accountant, stumbled into the dining room. A bloody gash on her forehead glistened as she fell to the floor, still clutching her calculator. But to be honest, she had it coming. […]

From port to posh

The small shops and restaurants lining M and Wisconsin streets have helped establish Georgetown as one of D.C.’s most fashionable areas. The neighborhood has everything to satisfy expensive tastes-from fine dining, suits and leather jackets to $100-something Diesel jeans. But Georgetown has a history much longer than the lines in Banana Republic and has not […]