Jason Haber

How to save a D.C. landmark

It is an unusual place. In its 75 years of business, Sholl’s Cafeteria has served food to both politicians and the homeless. As it faces the real possibility of closing its doors for good, an opportunity arises for the Student Association to save itself from its dismal year and prove it can be an effective […]

JEC: Poor judgment, bad calls

The Joint Elections Committee has made three incredibly ridiculous mistakes that will negatively affect this year’s Student Associations elections. First, the JEC in all its wisdom decided to change the time posters are allowed to go up on campus to 8 a.m. Although in previous years the time was noon or 5 p.m., students began […]

Where’s the SA Senate?

I recently stopped by the Student Association office to pick up the minutes of a Senate meeting. Reading the minutes only confirmed my thinking – the Senate is out of focus. It got off to a poor start when two members left this summer and transferred to Georgetown University. What does it say about GW […]