Jason Goldstein

What’s On TV

We are back at GW. Summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner. Soon, leaves will be changing colors, the humid D.C. heat will give way to cooler temperatures, and most importantly, a whole new season of TV will start. Yes, I’m talking about the shows that you can’t bear to miss […]

Dark Star Orchestra recreates the Dead

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – It is Sept. 8, 1973. The Vietnam War is coming to an end, the Watergate scandal is at its height, Roe v. Wade is dividing national sentiments and the Drug Enforcement Agency is created to enforce newly passed anti-drug legislation. Now picture a packed coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y. A thick haze […]

Nickel Creek: a musical Frankenstein

Don’t call Nickel Creek a bluegrass band. They say their music should not be locked into that genre. Don’t call them a pop group either because they’ll be quick to shed that title as well. But in their third album, Why Should We Let the Fire Die? (Sugar Hill), Nickel Creek combines classic bluegrass techniques, […]