Janice Cane

The face of comedy. A night at the Washington Improv Theatre

Sometimes you are not funny.” That’s what I tell my friends after their third beer, when they start doing imitations. Face it, kids, your friends aren’t that cool. To get through this night you’re going to need some professional help. Washington Improv Theater’s “Big Bang: Something from Nothing,” currently on at the D.C. Arts Center […]

What’s the word? It’s ‘Grease Lightning’ baby!

Few shows have every audience member grinning before the curtain rises. Oh, the power of “Grease.” Playing at the Warner Theatre, the 1972 musical, written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey and directed by Ray DeMattis, will make you throw a few dance moves into your step during the walk home. On a stage decked […]

Lessons in conceptual fantasy

“Can you stop trying to repeat what I say?” “Why?” “Cause it’s getting annoying.” “How do you think I feel?” “Huh?” “Come again?” “Come again where?” Conversation can get a bit bizarre in the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Especially when one of the participants is an animatronic head, part of Ken Feingold’s “Sinking Feeling.” Feingold […]