Jane Chick

Anastasia proves fairy tales not only for kids

In the mood to hear a good fairy tale? Or does a trip to Paris sound better? Anastasia provides the means to travel both to a fantasy Paris and to the blissful days of youth. Anastasia (Fox Family Films) is the new feature-length animated film from Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, creators of An American […]

Film creatively intertwines diverse aspects of life

One Night Stand (New Line Cinema), the latest from director Mike Figgis, tries to unite vastly differing aspects of life, such as a fatal disease and adultery, into one story. Surprisingly, it works. Wesley Snipes (Murder at 1600) plays Max Carlyle, a Los Angeles-based commercial director who is in New York on business. While visiting […]

A Life Less Ordinary delivers humor, love

A Life Less Ordinary (Twentieth Century Fox) is an improbable, often confusing, but very funny love story. Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting) stars as Robert, a janitor at a large corporation. He is, to put it bluntly, a loser. Cameron Diaz (My Best Friend’s Wedding) stars as Celine, the daughter of Robert’s boss. She is a bitchy-but-beautiful […]