Jane Black

Former candidates out of spotlight but not out of politics

Posted 11:46pm April 4 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Those who ran unsuccessfully this election season for the Democratic Party’s presidential bid may be out of the political spotlight, but are far from being out of political view. At one point, the race for the Democratic bid included ten contenders. Former Vermont Gov. Howard […]

Kerry wins DC

Posted 3:39pm February 18 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Democratic front-runner Sen. John Kerry swept up almost half of the votes in the Washington D.C. caucus on Saturday– victory number 14 out of the 16 Democratic contests held so far to chose the party’s nominee. The Massachusetts senator received 47 percent of the votes, […]

Voters see health care as top priority

Posted 4:27pm February 13 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Voters are increasingly citing health care as a top concern in the 2004 presidential election, a consistent finding in exit polls taken across the nation in the last few months. The shortcomings of the current state of health care in the United States — including […]

Gay marriage amendment could play role in election

Posted 11:53pm January 28 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau President Bush recently voiced support for a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriages, pleasing conservative followers and giving needed ammunition to the Democratic Party in the 2004 presidential election. In his State of the Union speech last Tuesday, loaded with conservative values, Bush indicated […]

Bush gives last State of the Union before election

Posted 1:55pm January 26 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau In his election year State of the Union address, President George W. Bush tried to convince Americans of his successes over the past three years in the war on terror and the economy, while planting seeds for his own re-election campaign in 2004. Bush spent […]

Democratic debate gets heated in Iowa

Posted 10:25am December 2 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Disagreement between Democratic front-runner Howard Dean and Democrat Dick Gephardt continued to intensify as eight of the presidential hopefuls argued over the United States’ role in Iraq, Medicare, and gay marriage in the party’s presidential debate Monday night in Iowa. Gephardt argued that as Vermont […]

Sniper suspect found guilty

Posted 10:02pm November 20 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Convicted sniper John Allen Muhammad now faces a possible death sentence for the 23 day shooting spree that left 10 people dead and three wounded in the Washington, D.C., area last fall. He was convicted of killing civil engineer Dean H. Myers on Oct. 9, […]

Woodward headlines Kalb report Monday

Posted 9:30pm November 13 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Reporter Bob Woodward says he was always prepared to sit outside the “big shot’s” office as long as it took for him to get his answers. He remembers long before the Internet and the 24-hour news cycle, when a notepad was a reporter’s Bible and […]

Democrats ‘Rock the Vote’ in Boston

Posted 2:00pm November 9 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Young voters and Democratic presidential hopefuls stood face-to-face Tuesday night in Boston, as candidates answered questions ranging from marijuana use to positions on homosexuals serving in the military. Over 500 college students from all over the county packed into Boston’s historic Fanueil Hall for a […]

Sniper suspect changes mind on representation

Posted 12:04am October 24 by Jane Black U-WIRE Washington Bureau Accused Washington, D.C.-area sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad reversed his decision to represent himself Wednesday morning. The decision came two days after Muhammad, with no formal legal training, began a shaky self-defense. The defendant surprised the nation when he announced on the first day of […]