Jamie Blynn

New rules for veteran aid could halt tuition

An academic organization that boasts GW as a member is threatening to withdraw from the federal tuition assistance program for active-duty military students, rather than comply with new limitations tied to the program. The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities – an organization with which GW is affiliated – was one of six to […]

In tough economy, students graduate early to avoid debt

Grace Warrick can’t justify staying in college for another five months – not when it comes with the University’s price tag. Warrick said she would rather jump-start her job search instead of continuing to pile on debt for another semester, noting that graduating early was a better option than finishing an eighth semester, which would […]

Fundraising bucks national trends

Annual giving increased 9 percent in 2011, with annual donations to the University topping $5.3 million as of June 6. Annual giving – all directly-solicited gifts of up to $25,000 – represents 5.7 percent of the $92 million raised by GW so far this year. Complete fundraising totals will not be calculated until after the […]

University questions UCC fee structure

The University is re-examining the University Counseling Center fee structure after a junior committed suicide on campus last month. The decision to start actively discussing ways to eliminate the fee – a longtime source of disgruntlement at GW – comes after junior Ismail Ginwala was found dead in his City Hall residence hall room on […]

Richardson, Costigan clinch top SA spots in runoff

<!– <!– It took just 34 votes for Student Association President-elect John Richardson to beat out junior Chris Clark during last week’s SA runoff election. Richardson, a sophomore, earned 50.6 percent of the vote to Clark’s 49.4 percent. In the general election two weeks before, Clark had led Richardson by 63 votes. “It was a […]

Candidates rally election day support

Dreary skies did not damper the first day of Student Association elections, as candidates and supporters took to H Street Wednesday in a final push for votes. Wearing colorful campaign T-shirts and handing out palm cards, candidates mingled with one another and talked with passing students about their platforms. Cory Grever, running for an undergraduate-at […]

No single issue tops candidate platforms this year

The most consistent thing about this year’s batch of platforms for Student Association president and executive vice president is the inconsistency. Last year, nearly every candidate running for SA president and executive vice president said they would make Student Judicial Services reform a priority. J Street dining and Gelman Library also topped candidates’ platforms as […]

SA guide: Ted Costigan

Age: 21 Year: Junior Major: Political communication Hometown: Reading, Mass. Embarrassing freshman year moment: The Red Sox losing game seven to the Devil Rays in the American League Championship Series. Next song University President Steven Knapp should dance to: “Under Pressure” by Queen Platform: reduce printing costs; increase Gelman Library’s operational budget; make it known […]

SA Guide: Caleb Raymond

Age: 20 Year: Junior Major: Sociology Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla. Embarrassing freshman year moment: Raymond could not think of an embarrassing moment. Next song University President Steven Knapp should dance to: “Like a G6” by the Far East Movement Platform: increase funding for student orgs; increase advocacy for students; increase efficiency for the University For […]

SA Guide: John Richardson

Age: 20 Year: Sophomore Major: Business economics and public policy Hometown: Portland, Maine Embarrassing freshman year moment: I face planted in a Funger lecture halls on my way to the front of the room. Next song University President Steven Knapp should dance to: “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child Platform: on-campus job recruiting; create an office of […]