James Scott Gilbreath

From the left: Only one touchdown

There is one aspect of football that always fascinates me the few times I watch it. No matter how badly the team is getting beat, a player will always celebrate a touchdown as if he just saved the game. While pretending to enjoy a football game this Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help thinking about Republicans when […]

Column: A silent presidency

The bad news is that watching a Democratic debate sometimes bears odd resemblance to an overcrowded family arguing over the best cut of the turkey at Thanksgiving. The good news is that the turkey is President Bush. If the polls continue down their current path, and barring a Kucinich-Sharpton ticket, it seems that the Democrats […]

Column: Liberals must not forget the bottom line

Head for the hills, Ann Coulter is actually right. Within the vast domains of stupidity in the author’s psychologically disturbed book “Treason,” there is one faint strain of logic. When railing against the anti-war movement, Coulter argues that even if Democrats disagreed with the Bush administration’s numerous justifications for the war on Iraq, we should […]