James Gilbreath

Column: Dumbing down the Iraq debate

The 2004 election season – all two years of it – required many sacrifices from all of us. Namely, our dignity comes to mind. However, aside from the humiliation of constructing campaign chants that rhyme the phrase “vacant Supreme Court seats,” the true loss of election season has been our honesty and our intellectualism. During […]

Column: Reclaiming moral values

On the morning of Nov. 3, Democrats sat stunned. Everything seemed to be going their way. So what went wrong? Obviously, as Gary Livacari so eloquently put in yet another of his depressingly partisan columns, “character does matter.” Yes, character truly does matter. No wait, not character. What was that term I’m looking for? Oh […]

From the left: Kerry’s job is to win

Forum: John Kerry speaks on campus For all of us who follow politics with either a religious or sexual devotion – for me it’s both – two Thursdays ago was the perfect day. Last week the word went out across D.C. that the next President of the United States was coming to GW. About damn […]

Column: God, guns and gays

The Bush strategy is already working. During last Thursday’s CNN debate, Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards both got drilled on the issue of gay marriage. While they both handled their positions well, in a shameful moment, Kerry tried to protest the subject, claiming that we should instead focus on economic issues. Sadly, the pitiful […]

Column: Neither Christian nor right

This was a tough week for conservatives. Not only was our clean, American pastime of football interrupted by the horror of an exposed breast, but Massachusetts is now adding to conservatives’ woes. The missing weapons of mass destruction and $521 billion projected budget deficit? Yeah, I suppose those are important, too. But let’s stay focused […]

Forum: No justification for lying

Last year President Bush stood before the nation and declared that our intelligence had determined that Saddam Hussein “had materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent … had upwards of 30,000 munitions capable of delivering chemical agents …(and) had several mobile biological weapons labs.” This year, after […]

Some cordial advice

I wasn’t going to write an anti-Dean column. Dean faltered in Iowa, and the media, being the sensationalists they are, will be overplaying the story all week. I didn’t care to join them. But all that changed as I watched Sen. John Edwards’ inspirational victory speech be interrupted as the media filmed a coked up […]

Column: Analyzing God’s prediction

Over Christmas break Pat Robertson once again set a new standard for idiocy when claiming that God had revealed to him the outcome of the upcoming presidential election. Apparently, our Almighty Creator decided to take a break from controlling the universe and come down and talk politics with everybody’s best friend Pat Robertson. Any ideas […]

Column: The return to fuzzy math

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first read the headline “GOP Plans Marathon on Judges.” But it was true. It seems that while millions are out of work and troops are dying in Iraq, Republican leadership decided last week that what this nation really needs is a good 30-hour cry fest about four blocked […]

Column: Don’t patronize the South

It’s tough being a Democrat from the South, especially one from Texas. These past weeks it just became a little bit tougher. While the Democratic National Committee licks its wounds after a thrashing in the gubernatorial races, “Democratic” Senator Zell Miller (D.-Ga.) rushes from “Meet the Press” to the Rush Limbaugh show pretending he knows […]