Jaclyn Winkelman

Weekly Checkup: Birth Control

Known as a pill that can often decrease menstrual cramps, improve acne, regulate periods and provide protection against anemia – birth control pills are now being touted not only for their ability to prevent pregnancy, but also for their potential to decrease ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is often deadly because symptoms are usually non-existent or […]

Culture cha-cha

Learning about another culture can sometimes be as time consuming as studying a new language, cooking a new food dish and traveling to a new country – or it can be as easy as one, two, three, kick. GW dance groups such as the Chinese Performing Arts Troupe, GW Bhangra, GW Ballroom and the GWU […]

Hot Hot Heat fires up

Very few bands consistently create the type of music that makes you want to get up and dance. Even fewer bands have that same kind of “dancey” rock sound while singing about subjects other than going out on a Friday night. Yet, with their latest album, “Happiness LTD” (Reprise) this is exactly what Hot Hot […]

Foggy Bottom cleaners clean up to avoid lawsuits

Junior Lindsay Brook said she does get her clothes dry cleaned often, but she knows she would never sue the dry cleaners on E Street or Pennsylvania Avenue that she frequents. “I’m not a huge fan of lawsuits in general,” said Brook, a political science major who is considering a future at law school. But […]