Jaclyn Schiff

Student think tank debuts in Washington

There is nothing remarkable about another think tank – except when it is mostly made up of people too young to run for political office. That’s the idea behind the Roosevelt Institution, the United States’ first student think tank, which launched the first issue of its national student policy journal the Roosevelt Review last week […]

Bill would allow DNA collection from non-convicts

A new bill could force suspects arrested or detained by federal authorities to give samples of their DNA for storage in a central database. Current law permits federal authorities to collect DNA samples from individuals convicted of crimes to store in an FBI registry. Law enforcement officials compare DNA in the registry to samples found […]

Liberal professors outnumber conservatives, study finds

College professors who consider themselves politically liberal far outnumber their conservative colleagues, according to a report released last week. “The American College Teacher,” based on a survey conducted by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, found that roughly 52 percent of American college professors describe themselves as “far left” or “liberal,” while only 20 percent said […]

After Katrina, Online Social Networks Reach Displaced Students

A few days had passed since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Louisiana coastline, and juniors Alana Kuhn and David Manchester were getting worried. Ronald Harper, a friend whom they met at an internship, was at Louisiana State University when the storm struck, and he wasn’t answering his cell phone. Kuhn and Manchester sent Harper repeated e-mails […]