Jaclyn Schiff

Jaclyn Schiff: Apartheid does not apply

Approximately two weeks ago on Palestinian Land Day, GW became the launch site for a divest-from-Israel campaign. Third-year law student Fadi Kiblawi and Arab-American News columnist Will Youmans announced plans to ask University administrators to discontinue business ties with companies doing business in Israel. Like many others, I want a pragmatic and peaceful resolution to […]

National competition seeks to lure young voters to polls

Text messaging and “parties at the poll” are just two of the voter registration ideas that won recognition in Young Voter Strategies first-ever national competition aimed at supporting innovative nonpartisan strategies to register voters ages 18 to 29. Thirteen groups from all around the country were selected for using creative ways to encourage young people […]

New book targets ‘dangerous’ academes

Racists, sexual deviants and terrorist sympathizers could be gathering on your college campus, according to a new book by social critic David Horowitz. In his book The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, Horowitz argues that American universities are full of radical professors who indoctrinate students at the expense of both parents and […]

Jaclyn Schiff: The George Washington Hotel

“Extracurricular activities galore” declares the GW Web site under the heading “About the Student Body.” The site claims that 92 percent of GW undergraduates have either been employed or interned to supplement their coursework. But is that really a number to brag about? In recruitment efforts, GW lures students with the motto, “Something happens here.” […]

Stanford reaches out to new moms

If students at Stanford University are noticing more moms-to-be on their campus this semester, it’s not because there’s more love in the air than usual. In a rare move, Stanford administrators recently outlined a child-birth policy to help accommodate pregnant graduate students. The policy, effective immediately, makes provisions for female students who have to deal […]

New Orleans students return to a ravaged city

For New Orleans-area college students, New Year’s Eve marked just the first in a series of new beginnings. Just days after the start of 2006, thousands of students at colleges across the Gulf Coast returned to begin their first post-Katrina semester in an academic community that has changed greatly from the one they left nearly […]

Transfer students less engaged on campus, study finds

Almost half of all college seniors took at least one course from another postsecondary institution before enrolling at their current institutions, according to the annual National Survey of Student Engagement released last week. Education experts call the act of taking classes from multiple institutions “swirling,” and it has them concerned because the findings indicate that […]

Campuses prepare for lethal flu outbreaks

Universities across the country are preparing for the possibility of an avian flu outbreak on their campuses, though some question whether it’s necessary. Last month, George Washington University created a task force to work with an ad hoc committee on infectious diseases established by its medical center to prepare for an avian flu outbreak. Not […]

Orgs question Pentagon database on students

A coalition of privacy advocates and anti-war groups called on the Pentagon last week to halt use of a controversial database that collects information about students for military recruitment purposes. In a letter to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld signed by more than 100 organizations, advocates condemned the Defense Department for distributing files containing the […]

Landmark privacy decisions expected from Supreme Court

In just the next few years, advances in technology could raise new privacy questions that the U.S. Supreme Court – and new Chief Justice John Roberts – will have to answer. Just a few weeks ago, before John Roberts was sworn in as the 17th chief justice, he faced some tough questions. Conservatives and liberals […]