Jack D. Cohen

Paltrow dazzles in romantic comedy with a fun twist

Romantic comedies are usually nothing more than huge disappointments filled with overused clich?s and “Friends” stars. But sometimes Hollywood puts a stellar twist on the subject of romance and love. Sliding Doors (Miramax) is a perfect example of what goes right when great acting, witty writing and a fresh plot are rolled into one – […]

Ryan, Cage finally make Hollywood angel story work

Angels-and-afterlife movies abound in Hollywood today, but City of Angels (Warner Brothers) offers a slightly different take, along with a powerful love story. The basic plot is the typical guy meets girl, guy falls in love with girl and guy drops everything for girl. Seth (Nicolas Cage, Face Off) is a renegade angel on duty […]

Confusing plot leaves audience Lost in Space

Despite magnificent graphics and special effects, Lost in Space (New Line Cinema) is poorly acted, horribly written and offers a muddled plot. Modeled after the 1960s television show “Lost in Space,” the film travels with the Robinson family across the galaxy. They try to discover another planet to sustain human life since Earth is becoming […]

Even with slow plot Long Island succeeds

Love and Death on Long Island (Lions Gate) has little action, very few characters and a slow-to-develop plot. However, its originality, wit and humor make it one of the best films this year. Giles De’Ath (John Hurt, Rob Roy) is a widowed author in England. An aging and lonely man, De’Ath has yet to be […]

Academy Awards spark anticipation and excitement

It’s Oscar time again – the night when stars put on a fashion show and people sit home watching to see what everyone wears. Included in the fashion show is the presentation of the awards. This year’s nominees vary drastically, promising a night of excitement. Best ActorMatt Damon, Good Will HuntingRobert Duvall, The Apostle Peter […]

Make-believe tribe provides laughs

Despite an extremely simplistic plot, Krippendorf’s Tribe (Touchstone Pictures) gives the audience a reason to laugh. Professor James Krippendorf (Richard Dreyfuss, Mr. Holland’s Opus) is a single father of three on his way to a nervous breakdown. Krippendorf must deliver a lecture on a tribe he discovered in New Guinea. The only problem is he […]

Complex plot destroys movie

Director Alex Proyas’ latest film, Dark City (New Line Cinema), does not live up to his earlier movie, The Crow. Similar gothic images pervade, but only glimpses of The Crow’s original feeling remain. The Australian-born Proyas found fame by directing the 1994 hit in which the star, Brandon Lee, tragically died while working on the […]