Hyacinth Mascarenhas

Unafraid to occupy

Angered by perceived economic greed, Bhaskar Sunkara is standing up to corporations in D.C. and New York City. Emboldened activist and native New Yorker, Sunkara has joined hundreds of others in Occupy D.C. and Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Last weekend, Sunkara got his first taste of the movement, joining the thousands of protestors who watched […]

Spending responsibly

Shopping tips Planning ahead is the golden rule of shopping on a budget. Student budgets are tight to start with, and with new-found independence, impulse buying can be tough to control. With a newly revamped J Street at hand, it can be easy to go crazy and spend all your money at once. Budget your […]

Growing in Costa Rica

Sophomore Samantha Danko’s summer adventure to Costa Rica was full of new experiences and giving back to a small community oddly tied to our very own George Washington. Danko worked with Integrated Learning Experience, a non-profit organization based in Central America. The public health major spent a month in the small town of San Ramon […]

Who should I go to if…?

Going to college in a new city can be especially daunting when you have so many questions but aren’t sure who to ask. The Hatchet has compiled a guide of common freshman questions and where you can find answers. If I my laptop isn’t working? GW’s Division of Information Technology provides a wide variety of […]

Shake Shack bringing green edge to District burger scene

Hamburgers in D.C. have become a district delicacy, with established and successful burger joints like Ray’s Hell Burger and Good Stuff Eatery dominating the scene. But these eateries are about to get even more competition, as Shake Shack opens its doors May 17. The self-described modern, “road-side” burger joint will be opening its doors at […]

What’s the deal with… Move-out fees

As students prepare to move out of their residence halls next month, they should be wary of extra fees they could incur for an untidy room. All rooms need to be left in “broom-clean” condition before moving out, Seth Weinshel, director of GW Housing Programs, said in an e-mail to students, a condition he called […]

Playing with history

History will repeat itself in Lisner Downstage this week as the 14th Grade Players depict the legendary 1977 Nixon interviews that would ultimately define a journalist’s career and further damage the reputation of an ex-president. The dramatization, which was made into a feature film in 2008, follows the preparation and filming of the historical interviews […]

Queer women stand out through activism

Whenever men ask Ali Lozano out she politely declines, explaining she only dates women. Last year, one of her want-to-be suitors was taken back because he didn’t believe Lozano looked like a lesbian. “But you’re pretty!” she remembers him saying. His response was jarring but not necessarily unexpected, Lozano said. “It was very indicative of […]

Area renovation plans to be released next month

Renovation plans for the West End Library and Engine 1 fire station are expected to be released to the community in March, almost a year after former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty announced the developer. Residents will be able to provide feedback and comments on the proposed plans to redevelop the library located at 24th and […]