Husna Kazmir

Senior plans to walk home for sister with bone cancer

Four hundred fifty miles. That’s the distance that separates Nik Alexoff from his younger sister, Randi – who suffers from a rare form of bone cancer – and it’s the distance he plans to conquer as soon as he graduates. Alexoff plans to walk 450 miles along the Appalachian Trail to his home in Westhampton, […]

Student aid, University ties motivate donors

For alumnus Jeremy Gosbee, attending an expensive university like GW would have been impossible without the help of financial aid. It was the generosity he received from the University – where he earned two degrees – that ultimately led him to donate $5,000 to GW’s Power and Promise Scholarship Fund this year, he said. Gosbee […]

Student group embraces conservatism, controversy

Waking up at 6:30 a.m. on a January morning in 30 degree weather is not Florida native Carlos Vazquez’s idea of a good time. But as he and fellow members of GW’s Young America’s Foundation hammered 1,300 white crosses into the ground in University Yard to symbolize aborted pregnancies for their “Cemetery of Innocents” event, […]

Being black: one year later

One year ago, the first black man to be inaugurated as president of the United States stood on the steps of the Capitol and changed history as we knew it. Along the National Mall and just blocks away on campus, students reveled in the event. Now, a question that reverberated across the country has also […]

Political pundit mentions professor and e-mails ensue

Professor Mark Feldstein received a slew of negative e-mails last week, a few months in to his sabbatical leave. Why, he wondered, was he – seemingly out of nowhere – receiving such vitriolic messages? Junior Joe Sangiorgio – one of Feldstein’s former students – gave him the answer. Comments Feldstein had made had been discussed […]

Convict to Colonial: Ten years for a crime he didn’t commit

The small single in Mitchell Hall, with its spare white walls and utilitarian furniture, reminded him uncomfortably of another small, solitary room on the other side of the country, in another world altogether. The difference was that he came to this room, and to GW, by the freedom of choice. That other room was in […]

Professors join health care debate

The debate over proposed health care reform is raging just a few miles down the road from the School of Public Health and Health Services, and the school’s dean is taking advantage of GW’s prime location. Josef Reum, interim dean of the SPHHS, was tasked by the Board of Trustees to get involved in the […]

Medical school receives most applications in country

Despite being placed on probation by its accrediting body last fall, GW’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences reported this June that it received more applications than any other medical school in the country. SMHS received 13,856 applications, a 3.2 percent increase from last year, said medical school spokeswoman Deborah Hudson. Other prestigious medical schools […]

SMHS accrediting body will return in October

Web Extra The School of Medicine and Health Sciences’ accrediting body will return to campus and review the school’s progress in October, one year after the body placed the school on a two-year academic probation. In a letter to GW medical students, faculty and residents, SMHS Dean James Scott said the Liaison Committee on Medical […]

University selects nine new PAFs

Nine graduating seniors have been selected as the newest batch of Presidential Administrative Fellows – high-achieving students who receive free graduate school tuition from GW in exchange for working for the University. Next year’s PAFs are Daniel Bernstein, Sandra Perez, Christopher Diaz, Collin Stevenson, Brittany Plavchak, Anna Phillips, Selam Bedada, Corey Barenbrugge and Natalie Kaplan. […]