Hilary Walke

Double Booked: Student officers balance patrol and courses

Chris Gearhart is an undergraduate student at GW pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sociology. He attends class, does his homework, studies for tests and tries his best to get good grades. But Gearhart, a full-time University Police Department officer, is not your typical undergrad. “I decided that going to school and being an officer would […]

Do you live with the best mate?

1 Do you go to sleep. a) Early. Sleep is really important for doing well in school, and it doesn’t hurt my beauty either. b) In the middle. Depending on how much work I have and if I feel like doing it, or if I’d rather hang out with friends. c) Late. I can’t go […]

What’s the deal with… the rowers in front of Funger?

In a town like D.C., there are lots of places for tourists to stop, stare and photograph – including in front of and atop Funger Hall on G Street. Curtis Batts, a sophomore and a member of the crew team, said it is not uncommon for tourists to stop and take pictures while he and […]

Study Break: Murky Coffee Clarendon

When the workload is heavy and the library is packed, a frantic student might panic for the nearest Starbucks, but the smart ones know that Murky Coffee in Arlington, Va., is a practical alternative. Originally located in a tiny walk-up window in Georgetown, the new Arlington Murky Coffee is bigger, better and booming. With a […]

What’s the deal with: …Adopt an Officer?

You may recognize Ben Volpe. He is a native of New York, enjoys football, soccer, hockey and candy – and all of this is posted on a bulletin board in Ivory Tower. That is because Volpe – a University Police officer – is a member of the UPD program, adopt-an-officer. The adopt-an-officer program, created by […]

The secret behind the snow day

Seeing snow on the ground may be a good reason to stay in bed – but it also may not be reason enough to close the University. In fact, it takes more than the good graces of Mother Nature to close a day of school at GW – it takes approval from several University officials, […]

In an information age, students register by hand

Afton Hodge’s morning during last year’s registration was anything but pleasant. Though a typical student’s morning on registration day is stressful, seniors majoring in political science at GW usually have a particularly rough experience if they are expecting to register for the required proseminar course. Hodge is one of these students. She woke up at […]

Students with allergies cope with food plan

For most students meal times are social and relaxing – a break from a stressful day of classes. But for students with food allergies meal times are anything but enjoyable. Some GW students who suffer from food allergies have found themselves in a bind this semester because a significant amount of money from GWorld cards […]

California students keep connected

Almost 3,000 miles from home, where ash is in the air and fire continues to burn in the nearby hills, Californians say the hardest part of the past few days has been the distance. To keep in touch and stay informed on the play-by-play back home, students said they use their cell phones to talk […]