Helder Gil

GW continues its Manifest Destiny by buying the Premier Hotel

So the behemoth known as GW continues on its Manifest Destiny march westward. With the recent acquisition of the Premier Hotel, formerly a Howard Johnson Hotel, the University can house almost 400 freshmen who would otherwise be scattered around campus or in local hotels. All visiting Colonial Inauguration freshmen and their families must be relieved. […]

Behind all of the sound and fury, there were lots of good times

So the end has finally come. After three years of adopting The Hatchet as my home-away-from-dorm room-away-from-home, it’s time to leave all this to a new crop of kids. Who’d a thunk it – I went from delivering Hatchets in the mornings to writing editorials and columns, with a quick stop doing advertising. The past […]

How my 15 minutes of fame turned into a nightmare

Did you catch my broadcast debut last Friday night? If you blinked, you probably missed it. Not to worry, I’ll recap it for you. ABC’s “Nightline” (the show hosted by Ted Koppel that competes with Dave Letterman and Jay Leno for weirdest late-night hairdo) originally was supposed to broadcast live from GW’s own Lisner Auditorium. […]

Rank and file silliness

With the new millennium approaching, it seems that everyone and his mother is coming up with a top 100 list of one sort or another. This summer, there was the top 100 books of the 20th century. Ladies’ Home Journal‘s top 100 women of the century is on newsstands now. The Columbia Journalism Review lists […]

Free speech, misunderstood speech and my election-time speech

This diatribe will focus on three things: a national issue – the $107 million fine against an antiabortion group that ran a Web site called the Nuremberg Files; and two local issues – the now-famous “niggardly” comments and the soon-to-begin Student Association elections. Take a deep breath and let’s begin. The Nuremberg nuts The Feb. […]

CIA agent-professor dispels spy myth

The words “competitive intelligence” evoke images of clandestine activities and men in dark glasses and trench coats. But for CIA officer Pamela Noe, cloak-and-dagger scenarios are restricted to spy novels. Noe spoke to an audience of about 50 people Wednesday during a Brown Bag Lecture sponsored by the Elliott School of International Affairs. “Competitive intelligence […]

Aftermath of Hurricane Monica

The impeachment trial of the century continues to run its course in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Senate, but does anyone care? Of course people care, you say, otherwise something like three-quarters of the American public would not be opposed to a long, drawn-out Senate trial. But even so, it seems the much talked […]

Former Portuguese leader speaks at GW

Mario Soares, the first civilian president of Portugal elected by popular vote, spoke Tuesday on the continuing spread of global democracy in front of a crowd of about 70 in the University Club. “I want to emphasize one of the main attributes of democracy – its need for continuous and progressive improvement with a view […]

GW students and the ANC elections

The elections are over finally. Hallelujah! The District of Columbia elected a man who has lived here for a handful of years, yet is viewed as the city’s savior. The nation as a whole did not view the election as a referendum on Clinton’s dalliances and instead dealt a stinging rebuke to the Republican Party. […]

Spooky Sights

It’s Halloween – the time of year when ghosts wake from their slumber, witches encircle bubbling cauldrons to cast spells, and people adorn black and orange (two of the most uncomplementary hues). If spirits, hexes or ugly colors don’t satiate your desire for Halloween celebration, D.C. offers a bunch of festive things to do. The […]