Heather Hare

National Gallery honors forgotten artist

The National Gallery has the distinct honor of housing the first exhibit of Venetian Lorenzo Lotto’s paintings in the United States. He was an amazing Renaissance artist who fell into obscurity after his death in the mid-1550s. Overshadowed by the brilliant Venetian painter Titian, Lotto tried to define himself by using new techniques of lighting […]

Homecoming calls for bar scene fun

Scenario: Everyone is going out for the night, dressed to the nines. How do you prepare to take on the evening full of alcohol and dancing? The first thing you think about is not safety, as everyone knows. But in the bigger picture, it really should be at the top of your list. You’ll be […]

Woman actor steals spotlight in 007 film

Finally. Finally, a James Bond movie has a strong female character who is not evil. But this is the only point where Tomorrow Never Dies (United Artists) breaks 007 tradition. Countless gadgets, beautiful women clad in black clingy things, an amazing car and action that leaves viewers with bleeding cuticles still fill the film. This, […]

Eleven Seconds explores life’s quick transformations

It is hard to imagine how fast life can change. Does anyone really believe that in 11 seconds a healthy, athletic 20-year-old man can become immobilized for life? For the now-famous Travis Roy, that is reality. In a new book written by the young hockey player, Eleven Seconds, Roy reveals everything about the accident and […]

Ireland’s Devlins attract U.S. following with release

The Devlins’ second full-length album, Waiting (Universal), holds all its attraction in the pauses. The Devlins do not emphasize their nationality to increase their novelty, as many bands coming out of Ireland do, though the group’s members are fiercely proud of their roots. Instead, the trio makes its music borderless, without claiming a particular cultural […]

D.C. band finds audience at GW

With deep, enticing vocals and subdued percussion, River pulls its listeners in so close they get a personal serenade. The audience at Hillel’s Pajama Jam this Saturday will share the River experience while making a projected 2,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the homeless. The D.C. area-based band had its beginning 10 years ago […]

Canada to hit Bayou with Moxy Fr?vous

In the almost eight years Moxy Fr?vous has been together, it has taught listeners a wide range of things – an accordion can make a good love song great, Dr. Seuss is a great inspiration for a live act and government agendas are not all good. Yes, this band of four Canadians slated to play […]

D.C. offers frightful fun for Halloween

Halloween has sneaked up and stolen more than half the semester. Those busy with midterms have not gotten a spare moment to think about what to do for Halloween. But, never fear, The GW Hatchet GWeekend is here. With a limited college student budget, costumes need to be cheap, but they can still be good. […]

Boogie Nights gives new angle on pornography

Boogie Nights (New Line Cinema) wants to be something bigger, and could have been. But writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson too-narrowly focuses the subject of the film. Chronicling the change in the porn industry during the 1970s and 1980s as it devolved from film to videotape, Boogie Nights is authentic. Everything from the clothes and dialogue, […]

Director details porn industry

At age 17, Paul Thomas Anderson wrote the first version of Boogie Nights (New Line Cinema). In the next 10 years, two hours were added to the half-hour original. Inspired by his childhood in the San Fernando Valley, the capital of porn-making, Anderson said he always has wanted to write the backstage story of the […]