Heather Hare

Finding love and life in three years

I’ve never really been a big advocate of GW. But I’m not one of those angst-ridden students who hates that I ended up here instead of Georgetown. I transferred here as a sophomore from the tiny college Westminster. Maybe that’s why I don’t hate GW. I’ve actually experienced something else, and I know that, though […]

Amos’ sexy style, talent shine at 9:30 Club concert

It’s hard to complain much about a concert when the feature of it is Tori Amos. Her amazing talent and sexy style combine to make for quite an evening. The 9:30 Club show April 22, was a no-advance-tickets event with opener David Poe. It was sold out to a diverse crowd of avid Amos fans […]

Recess brings world college comedy festivalto GW campus

It’s not often something really fun happens on campus, but Recess is bringing “Slate: The World College Comedy Festival” to GW this weekend for just that purpose. Thursday, improvisational troupes from all over the East Coast will begin to arrive on campus. Groups from Georgetown, American, Cornell, William & Mary and Tufts will attend. Most […]

Academy garners respect for Oscars

Maybe the Academy is changing. Maybe it’s going legitimate. Judging by Monday night’s Oscars, it’s on its way. In the past, Oscars have gone to people because they’ve gotten old, they’ve had a hard year, they’re really influential in Hollywood or they always get one. Times have changed. Robin Williams received his first Oscar, along […]

Discovery Channel opens store in D.C.

The Discovery Channel opened its flagship store, Discovery Channel Store: Destination, D.C., Saturday in the MCI Center, offering a mix of science class and tourist stop. The store brings Discovery Communications, Inc. to life – including aspects from each of its cable stations: Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Animal Plant and Travel Channel. The store’s […]

Homey setting gives Phillips Collection style

Duncan Phillips began the Phillips Collection in 1918 seeking to create an intimate and comfortable environment in which to view art. It was first named the Phillips Memorial Art Gallery in memory of his father and brother who died within 13 months of each other. Phillips opened it in the family home, where he continued […]

Courtesan’s life glorified in film

Though hardly believable as a true story, Dangerous Beauty (Warner Brothers) mesmerizingly captures the life and struggle of poetess and courtesan Veronica Franco (Catherine McCormack, Braveheart). McCormack portrays Franco with passion and fervor. Franco has been semi-forced into the life of a 16th-century prostitute after the reality of her low status shatters her hope of […]

Typical Sandler humor makes film a success

With or without a Valentine, The Wedding Singer (New Line Cinema) is the perfect movie for this weekend. Sad about being alone, deliriously happy with a relationship or just plain indifferent – it doesn’t matter. This is a fun flick. Former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore) has just made his best movie. […]

Black Cat adds a twist to Feb. 14

For an atypical Valentine’s Day, why not check out the Black Cat’s Sweetheart Ball? Attendees can drink, swing dance and enjoy great music with or without a significant other. Peaches O’Dell and her orchestra will throw quite a party at 1831 14th St. N.W. this Saturday. Vintage dress is optional – as is a date. […]

The Aquabats rely too much on silliness, humor to succeed

More like self-proclaimed superheroes than a band, Aquabats is an entertaining group, though its musical talent is not apparent. The best thing about these eight freaks is their warped view of the world. The lyrics on The Fury of the Aquabats (Time Bomb Records) make it clear these are not normal people. And only in […]