Heather C. Shaw

Legislation could force GW to nix Social Security IDs

A bill on Capitol Hill could prevent universities from using a student’s Social Security number as an identification number. The Personal Information Privacy Act introduced last year by U.S. Rep. Jerry Kleczka (D-Wis.) would amend the Social Security Act to prohibit the commercial use of Social Security numbers without an owner’s written consent. The bill […]

Thurston move-in comes off without a hitch

Freshmen arrived at Thurston Hall early Saturday morning prepared to face a hectic move-in day. And while the day was filled with the usual chaos and confusion – and even with construction that blocked off part of F Street – the process seemed more organized than in past years, upperclassmen said. The Community Living and […]

Marvin Center undergoes $20 million facelift

GW students returned to campus this weekend to find the Marvin Center and J Street under construction, a project that will cost $20 million and take two and a half years to complete. “(The renovation) will impact everyone on campus,” said Mike Gargano, director of the Marvin Center. Limited space will be the most significant […]

Students urged to take first step in advising

GW academic advisers agree – the key to good advising lies with the student. “There are people here to help you, but it’s you, the student, that has to be prepared to take the step and the responsibility,” said Kim Moreland, associate dean for undergraduate affairs in the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences. Each […]

Indigenous issues find forum

Members of human rights organizations gathered Tuesday at a GW conference to discuss human rights, biodiversity and the rights of indigenous people in the Americas. Guest speakers from organizations like the Organization of American States, the World Bank and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights were part of the conference, organized by members of the […]

`gwu.edu’ domain awaits e-mailers

Students and faculty will have the option to use “gwu.edu” as the domain name for their e-mail accounts starting Monday. “gwis2.circ.gwu.edu is the Internet address of the computer and we are going to implement gwu.edu as an alternate Internet address or alias,” said J. Bradley Reese, director of the Computer Information and Resource Center. The […]