Hayley Burgess

Sophomore launches record company

A beacon can provide light for lost travellers. Sophomore Chris Lavinio hopes his Beacon will be a signal for talented artists who join his record label. Lavinio and his high school friend Adam Kirsch launched Beacon Records in 2010, to create a musical forum for up-and-coming artists seeking a different type of management company. And […]

Winning the crown

Pageant stereotypes have portrayed female contestants as bathing-suit-wearing, stage-strutting, baton-juggling lovers of world peace. Sophomore and Miss Teen USA 2011 contestant Imani Bentham challenges these oversimplified conceptions. Bentham doesn’t juggle a baton, but instead balances classes, an internship, membership in the Black Student Union, pageant responsibilities and work as assistant editor-in-chief of The Ace Magazine. […]

Students to offer cleaning services

Michael Waterman and Nate Andorsky want to clean your room. Well, not quite, but they do want to make it easy for students to find professional cleaners for a fair price. Spurred by GW’s decision to eliminate cleaning services for freshmen last May, Waterman, a senior, and Andorsky, an alumnus, founded DC College Cleaners to […]

Buff and blue Bonnaroo fosters growing music scene

While GW bands don’t always take the spotlight on campus, the Student Musicians Coalition set the stage for four student bands Friday at Mitchell Hall Theater. Buzz about the event, colloquially called “Foggy Bottom Bonnaroo,” grew as the four bands signed on to the bill – representing a range of genres. The show started late […]