Harrison Levitan

Let’s talk about sex: Technology kills relationships

It has long been said that chivalry is dead. Well, if chivalry is dead, then technology killed it. With our tech devices permanently on hand – and I’m just as guilty as the next person – we have pummeled chivalry to the point of extinction. Why call when we can text? Why send a letter, […]

Sex Column: The truth about faking it

Faking it is the ultimate deception, the naked lie, the pinnacle of bedroom theatrics. The suspicion has a habit of lingering in the afterglow. For women, it’s their little secret. For men, the proof is in the pudding. A study, conducted at the University of Kansas last year, on the practice of faking orgasms produced […]

Sex Column: Dear Mr. Lonely Heart

I planned to write about relationship sex but the idea seemed unnecessary upon second thought. Anyone who is in or has been in a relationship is well versed in the better sex brought on by familiarity and intimacy. Instead, I pen my latest column to Mr. Lonely Heart, the man who is going without a […]

Sex Column: The Gotham City theory

I don’t fancy myself a comic book man. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good superhero movie, but besides a half-read copy of “Watchmen,” I’m lacking when it comes to graphic novels. Of course, it doesn’t take a comic book aficionado to know that each of us is living in Gotham City. Here in […]

Sex Column: A hormone’s double standard

This is hard for me to say, but there is no sugarcoating it; so I guess I will just come right out and say it – I’m a guy. I’m a member of that gender of douche bags, jerks, pricks, meatheads, SOB’s, bastards – feel free to throw your own word in here. Now, don’t […]

Sex Column: An endless string of Eskimos

Despite GW’s 20,000-plus students, I frequently find myself coming across exes. Whether they are former girlfriends or recent hookups, they are everywhere. The “it’s a small world after all” feel is inescapable. But even more awkward than these run-ins are the Eskimo brothers that I have accumulated as a result. For those who are unaware […]