Haley Weizmann

Column: The alternative to ‘the alternative’

Halloween has always been my least favorite holiday merely for the reason that on Halloween, outrageous fashion has no impact. In fact, it is the one recognized time of year primarily concerned with encouraging conformity to non-conformity. Trying to stand out on a day where everyone has the same intention leaves an undesirable option for […]

Irony is the new black

Sincerity is dead. Even Oscar Wilde agreed, saying, “In all unimportant matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential.” The truth is, wearing your heart on your sleeve has never been stylish. What’s so interesting about an actual blonde girl wearing a shirt that says, “Everyone Loves a Blonde Girl?” It is time we embrace our […]

Column: A social revival of fashion as politics

Sometimes there is nothing more fashionable than indifference. Whatever your feelings about the now-official “four more years,” it is fair to say that your best fashion bet for the future is the disaffected stare. Perfected by heiresses and heroin-chic supermodels alike, an apathetic air executed correctly will withstand the test of time that shoulder pads […]

How not to be a fashion scrooge this winter

Despite recent indications of global warming that might have tricked us into believing we still had a shot at the wonderfully ambiguous D.C. fall weather, somewhere in between the elections, the turkey and the midterms, winter has come – and it’s going to be cold. Winter is a time for functional fashion. No longer are […]