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Months later, ABRA investigation still pending

The investigation into Adams Mill, the bar where sophomore Laura Treanor drank the night she died of alcohol poisoning, is still pending after nearly five months, a D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration spokesman said Wednesday. ABRA Director Frederick Moosally said in late January that the board would see the report from the investigation at ABRA’s […]

National Public Radio hosts trace careers ‘on the air’

National Public Radio personalities Diane Rehm and Carl Kasell held an intimate conversation about their lives on the air before a full Jack Morton Auditorium Tuesday evening. Kasell has worked with NPR for 30 years and may be best known for being the official announcer, judge and scorekeeper on NPR’s weekly news quiz show, Wait, […]

The future designers of D.C. restaurants

The restaurant Arcona is a futuristic, space-like eatery made up of sleek and clean lines, with white and metallic finishes and punches of orange for color. The interior is in complete contrast to the exterior, the Historic Custom House and Post Office in Georgetown, with the entrance acting as a portal from the past to […]

Getting buff in private

Your room most likely consists of the basics provided by the University – a bed, a desk, a dresser, a chair, and maybe a couch and some tables. But what looks like average pieces of furniture can actually be turned into your own home gym – the perfect place to work on that new year’s […]

Spinning and solving

While most students during winter break were hanging out at home or vacationing with friends and family, sophomore Allen Gannett was in Los Angeles competing for cash on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune. “It was exhilarating and kind of out of this world,” Gannett said. “Completely different experience from watching it on TV.” […]

Holiday Guide: What to get every person on your list

The BFF Girls: Get her the newest Marc Jacobs perfume, Lola, to help with the boys. It’s around $48 for the 1-ounce bottle with an adorable floral cap (www.sephora.com). Guys: Get him an engraved flask with his nickname on it (no matter how obscene). It’ll keep your inside joke alive every weekend. For around $20 […]

Dior Toney: The life of the party

He stands on the bar in a tie and dark Converse sneakers, swinging bottles of whiskey and dancing with girls. His yellow glasses – without the lenses, of course – and baseball cap tilted up and to the side make him look like Steve Urkel, gone cool. He is singing at the top of his […]

Detained: Three days in Ethiopia

On an early July morning in Awwadaay, Ethiopia, senior Emma McCormick was sick and contemplating the cancellation of her morning’s English class. As she lay on her bed in the eastern part of the country where she and six other GW students were volunteering for the summer, she heard a knock at the gate. Knowing […]

Not your average reality star

You will never see Stephen Nelson walking out of the Gelman Starbucks with a caffeinated beverage. Nor will you ever see him taking tequila shots in Thurston. Or smoking. Or having sex – before marriage at least. “It’s all about keeping it wholesome,” said Nelson, a freshman political communication major. You may see him, though, […]

Local breweries compete for bragging rights

Put down that Keystone Light. Don’t touch that Miller. Or that Budweiser. It’s time to shift focus to a higher caliber of beers. Local craft beers. For those in the coveted 21-and-over age group, moving away from just trying to chug down whatever beer you can get your hands on can slowly turn into starting […]