Greg Lantier

Documentary attempts to persuade Congress

With prostitutes, hundreds of windmills and a hashish dealer named Naroush, Stephen Markoff tries to persuade national lawmakers to expand their minds about medicinal marijuana with Sex, Drugs, and Democracy, a documentary about Dutch law. Markoff, chairman of A-Mark Financial Corporation, is sending a copy of the 1994 documentary to the president, vice president and […]

MVC works to determine future of student government

As Mount Vernon College moves toward incorporation into GW, its students face confusion as to just what school they attend. And MVC’s student leaders must determine whether their student government will remain separate, or fuse with GW’s Student Association. MVC students are likely to accept a non-voting SA Senate seat on a trial basis for […]

Bilingual movie thrills audience

Outstanding as a terrorism film that relies on plot and character development, not gunplay, Four Days in September (Miramax) is a passionate and engaging bilingual thriller aimed at a multi-cultural audience. The film is the adaptation of Fernando Gabiera’s book of the same title. It chronicles the terrorists’ perspective of the 1969 kidnapping of Ambassador […]

Book provides valuable insight into business world

The Critical Fourteen Years of Your Professional Life (Birch Lane Press Books) does not try to justify the superficial and vicious corporate workplace it describes. Instead, it celebrates it as a system to be mastered. The book provides a wide variety of helpful clarifications and suggestions from a seasoned professional with a quality seemingly absent […]

National Gallery of Art honors M.C. Escher

Patterns dissolve as cubes turn to birds and a chess game becomes the coast of Amalfi. The banner spanning the main entrance of the M.C. Escher exhibit gives fair warning for the art that follows. The National Gallery of Art has assembled a collection of 85 pieces of Escher’s work. “A Centennial Tribute” commemorates the […]