Graham N. Murphy

Column: My Halloween costume was you

When I sat down in high school to choose a college, I was sure to take into account that I really just do not like myself very much. Sure, choosing the perfect place to attend college may not be the perfect solution to this self-image problem of mine, but after reviewing all of the other […]

Column: ‘Tearing away at my spirit’

There we were, just walking around campus and holding hands. We were not trying to make a political statement. We were not trying to rub “it” in anyone’s face. We were just trying our best to keep our emotions contained before we had to say goodbye and end our relationship. It was an emotional moment […]

Column: It could happen to you

There is something that I really need to tell you. Are you sitting down? Good. You need to know that I am in an abusive relationship. I am telling you this, so maybe you cannot make the same mistake I did. What happened to me can happen to anyone. We all have the same likelihood […]

Column: Presenting the Irony Committee

For the past few years the Student Association has been a bacteria that students choose to watch fester. Doing nothing to excise this bacterium, students have allowed it to grow into the boil on the butt of this campus that it is today. And the growing of this boil, under Kris Hart’s presidency, certainly shows […]

Column: Fear conservatives’ fears

I have a love/hate relationship with talk-radio – the only form of media that conservatives can rightly claim dominance over. I love to listen to it while driving around in my car while screaming at those talk-radio conservative crack-pots that are so easy to hate, like Rush Limbaugh. Of course I know that Rush and […]

Column: Andy, Vermont and Marriage

A few days ago I found myself thumbing through my porn collection thinking, “Is this really what I want in my life?” Sure, watching two semi-attractive strangers make the beast with two backs is more romantic than staring at a white wall for the rest of your life, but isn’t there something more to life? […]