Graham N. Murphy

Column: People to watch

GW recently held the annual Excellence Awards ceremony to recognize student leaders and organizations and their achievements, and I would now like to announce my own award for student leaders. This award is the “People to Watch Award,” and it is to honor the three liberals and three conservatives at GW who have worked to […]

Column: The nipple ripple

For one night every year gay men and their fag hags rule the earth. It is a fabulous time void of hetero men. It is a time of glitter and glam. Drag queens roam the streets freely and glow sticks are in high demand. Whips, harnesses and Leather Daddies are highly visible. This is our […]

Column: Woodard is King

Well thank God, someone with what seems to be integrity will be taking over the helm at our dearly beloved Student Association next year. Yes, the students have spoken. Well, a few have, at least. Omar Woodard will be the next SA president. The outrageous reign of petty politics of the past few years over […]

Column: Going back to the roots

The state of the gay civil and equal rights movement is not good. In fact, it is in a state of disarray. With the president of the United States pushing a Constitutional amendment that would ban gays from partaking in the sanctity of marriage – a move that would basically write a segment of the […]

Column: Revealing the personal side

Let’s just face it. To a lot of students, the Student Association elections simply do not matter. Why is this? Well, as a former candidate for president, it is pretty obvious to me that the whole election process has just gotten so boring and contrived. I mean, it is just so “last season.” As far […]

Bush and Kerry: not really that different

I have a penchant for picking the losing candidate in presidential elections, but I also have one for picking a true leader who represents a clear and much-needed contrast to the status quo. This time around I devoted my time and energy to former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. Last election season I worked enthusiastically for […]

Column: The surreal disease

I am HIV-positive. At least I imagined I was. The day before I got results from a STD test, this was a thought that persisted in my mind. It was also a thought that had every possibility of being a reality. In the past I have had unprotected sex. In thinking about what the reality […]

Re-evaluating Trachtenberg

I stood in the room and surveyed a book collection that contained a title referring to the gay rights movement next to the must-have book for all homosexual males, “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.” It would have been easy for me to mistake this for my own personal collection, but I knew better. I […]

Column: The presidential enigma

Let’s face it, University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg is an exhausting figure. While his presence excited me at Colonial Inauguration, he has done nothing since then to impress me. What I have read about SJT and what I have experienced from this man in the two and a half years since my CI experience has […]