Gerome Rothman

Bush should let law decide

The voting has concluded, and American citizens know only one thing about its outcome, the presidency will be determined after the will of the people is calculated in Florida. The most important thing the candidates can do is put the full weight of their support behind a reasonable process that assists a fair and accurate […]

Bradley puts integrity back into politics

This weekend, I had the honor and the privilege to attend a campaign trip to support a truly inspirational leader in his journey toward the presidency. After spending the weekend in New Hampshire, I want you to know exactly why casting your vote and enlisting your support to Bill Bradley’s presidential campaign will certainly change […]

CRs alienate diverse GW community

This past weekend the GW College Republicans attended a function that could serve to alienate themselves from the rest of the GW community. They showed their support for Republican candidates by attending a convention for one of the most extreme and bigoted organizations in America. The Christian Coalition celebrated its 10th year at its convention […]

`Living and Learning’ gone too far

It is repulsive that the Community Living and Learning Center would try to put a positive spin on holding classes in Thurston Hall. If it is necessary, because administrators blundered by enrolling too many students, the least they could do is fess up and admit it. I prefer that, as opposed to them espousing what […]

To make a difference, get involved

I arrived on the GW campus this year wanting to help fellow students by contributing my efforts to make the system work for them. I have always believed that if the resources available to people are used with conviction and dedication, positive change is possible. I told some of my new friends that these thoughts […]