Geoffrey Cain

GW students start India’s first hybrid power plant

Hooking up, boozing and partying late are some of the activities most commonly associated with the residents of Thurston Hall. Establishing an international energy firm is typically not a freshman activity seen on this list. Last year, two GW students created a sustainable energy firm called NEXTGen Syndicate, LLC after lengthy brainstorming sessions in the […]

Running to save a life

Sophomore David Fowler enjoyed swimming, skiing and playing Scrabble with his younger brother, but during their childhood, Fowler’s brother began to develop communication problems and extreme forgetfulness. His brother’s condition worsened and he was soon diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a potentially serious genetic disorder that causes physical and intellectual abnormalities in one in […]

WEB EXTRA: Battle of the bands take over GW

Two student organizations, the WRGW radio station and Epsilon Sigma Alpha, hosted two unrelated “battle of the bands” concerts last weekend, both marked by lively audiences and musically striking performances. WRGW’s Rock the Bottom concert featured a variety of hard-hitting and highly original sets with an audience turnout of over 200. The event spanned three […]