Gayle Horwitz

`West Wing’ stars unveil new episode to GW students

GW students who got a sneak peak at the West Wing of the White House Friday afternoon were not surprised to find that President Bill Clinton had been replaced by actor Martin Sheen. In fact, some said they welcomed the new chief executive as they were treated to an advance screening of an upcoming episode […]

D.C.Diary: Kids in the halls

October 30, 1999JBKO Residence Hall4:15 p.m. Jordan Haigler’s bag broke for the third time Saturday, overstuffed as it was with Tootsie Rolls, Snickers bars and packs of Mini M&Ms. The five-year-old fairy princess daintily unwrapped a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup the size of her hand. The best part of Halloween? she said in a whisper. […]

D.C. Diary: October abandon

Give college students free pumpkins – like at the Program Board’s Oktoberfest at Kogan Plaza Saturday afternoon – and watch their faces light up. Offer them those super-sharp-but-safe-for-children knives and watch the orange pumpkin goop fly. It’s adorable. Just stay out of the line of fire. College students just don’t get to carve pumpkins all […]

Immortal Beauty

October 16, 1999Rock Creek Cemetery,br>1:45 p.m. Ninety-three years ago, maverick author and Washington social observer Henry Adams sat in his apartment at the corner of 16th and H streets, sighed and took up his pen. To a friend whose wife had recently died, he composed the following lines: “Twenty years ago when I went though […]

Murder ignited activism, fears for gay students

Matthew Shepard’s death one year ago galvanized human rights activists across the country, but it had a special impact on gay college students, said Josh Meyer, Administrative Chair for GW Pride, a student group that advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. “His murder raised awareness of the reality of hate crimes in both […]

Bill Bradley and Al Gore share vision with GW’s young Democrats

Former Sen. Bill Bradley (D-N.J.) and Vice President Al Gore defined the issues of their campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination and preached the glory of their party Saturday on the final day of the Democratic National Committee’s fall meeting. Party members from across the nation and 230 GW College Democrats attended. Bradley and Gore, […]

D.C. Diary: Carnival crowd

A carnival arose Saturday, as if by magic, in the old doctors’ parking lot of the GW Hospital, a skip away from the Foggy Bottom Metro station. It arrived complete with the delicacies of a fading summer: the smoky scent of a sizzling barbecue, the elated squeals of children running free and, of course, sublime […]

D.C. Diary: The greatest stories ever told

September 14, 1999Thurston Hall Piano Lounge7 p.m. The authors of the D.C. Diary are always looking out for the poignant and fun, the moments that make life worth living while everyone else is off triple-checking their resumes and interning at the Department of the Interior. So we knew we struck Diary gold when we ran […]

GW doctors assist Turkey following disaster

Most of the population of Turkey was fast asleep when the earth shook beneath them Aug. 17. At 3:02 a.m., for 45 seconds, buildings lurched and walls crumbled, entombing thousands in their bedrooms, gasping for air and praying for help. Assistance eventually came from rescue teams around the world, including two doctors from the GW […]

D.C. Diary: In election-obsessed GW, a new kind of candidate emerges

September 8, 1999Crawford Hall11:45 p.m. In the cramped lobby of Crawford Hall tonight there were no balloons, eleventh-hour prayers, or giddy campaign workers counting down the minutes. But it was election night, nonetheless, in GW’s tiniest Foggy Bottom residence hall. Scattered throughout the building, the candidates for Crawford Hall Council waited patiently for the news. […]