Gayle Horwitz

GW at the millennium: GW students look for something to get emotional about

The troops convened to talk strategy at Gelman Library the Monday before they were to head home for Thanksgiving break. But the meeting of the 20 or so student activists of the GW chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops proceeded with less-than military precision. Their major goal was clear: persuading the school’s administration to cease […]

The right answer comes from whom?

When two strikingly similar term papers crossed the desk of Professor Molly Spitzer Frost last semester, she was skeptical. Getting an extremely good paper from an indifferent student is enough to make a professor suspicious, she said. But it was more than the strength of the papers that bothered her. They were virtually identical. Her […]

All stressed up? Get ready to let go

GW sophomore Samantha Fish will have composed four term papers on topics from developmental biology to the music of Mozart by the end of next week. She will have juggled her last week of classes with her time-consuming job as a runway model for a local D.C. company and kicked off an intense study marathon, […]

The anatomy of justice

This story is the second in a two-part series examining rape on campus Jessica Smithers, a GW senior, is still entrenched in civil and criminal litigation resulting from her rape in an off-campus Boston University Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house in October 1995. For the past year, she has flown back to Boston at least […]

GW at the millennium: Looking for friends in `The Real World’

In the beginning, there were Julie and Eric, a docile Alabama dancer and a buff New Jersey thug aspiring to be a model. The television gods at Bunim-Murray Productions plucked them from obscurity, set them up in a spacious (but austere by later seasons’ standards) New York loft and proclaimed that their sappy country-mouse and […]

Escape internship hell

Monica Lewinsky may have made internships infamous, but there is no denying that these quasi-jobs in some of the most powerful business and government offices remain the sacred cow of college students looking to get a leg-up on the job competition and a glimpse into the future. A good internship experience can be worth its […]

Memory’s last glance

It only took two German secret police officers on motorcycles for the Nazis to secure Irene Zeigelstein’s small Hungarian town in the final months of World War II. It wasn’t because the town was so small, she said, but because her neighbors were so willing to assist the military invaders. In an instant, the people […]

Jewish programming intends to educate

Students can sip lattes, paint homemade pottery, dance the Horah and learn once and for all why Jews don’t believe in Jesus this month at Hillel. It is Jewish Awareness Month, the drive to increase participation at GW’s Jewish student center. The diverse Jewish social, educational and cultural programs, ranging from last week’s X-Files premiere […]

The road from rape

This story is first in a two-part series examining rape on campus In the early morning hours of Oct. 30, a female GW student was sexually assaulted in JBKO Residence Hall. Her attacker was the male friend of another man who lived in the building. This is the most recent incident of reported sexual assault […]