Gary Livacari

Column: Kerry doesn’t get it

John Kerry still doesn’t get it. After enduring a miserable, month-long meltdown at the hands of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Mr. Kerry answered President George W. Bush’s powerful, unforgettable address at the Republican Convention by – yet again – brazenly brandishing his Vietnam heroics. I know, what else is new? Kerry is growing […]

From the right: Shedding his moderate side

Forum: John Kerry speaks on campus Its official: John F. Kerry is an unabashed liberal. Of course, we conservatives knew it all along. During the anti-Bush, leftist love fest, led by the still enraged – and deranged – Howard Dean, Sen. Kerry finally shed his “centrist,” “anti-Dean” fa?ade and proudly revealed himself as the radical, […]

Column: Kerry’s illogical claim

This just in: “According to the Associated Press, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry served on a Navy gunboat in Vietnam and was recognized with numerous military decorations for courage under fire and wounds sustained in combat.” Big news, right? I doubt it. One can hardly watch a Kerry campaign rally or stump speech without […]

Column Potential ‘Skull’ conspiracy

Believe it or not, President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry actually have something in common. No, this is not a joke, and this commonality goes beyond their widely known association with the secret “Skulls” society at Yale University. You can call it a concocted “Skull” conspiracy, or just a rare glimmer of sensibility […]

Column: No ominous sign

Apparently GW Hatchet contributor Paul Kendrick missed his talking points from the Democratic National Committee, for he is one of the few remaining liberals who still has enough political nerve to take issue with the state of the American economy. Economic growth, soaring investor and consumer confidence and home ownership rates, and more than 500,000 […]

Forum: The real visionary leaders

While the Democrats desperately search for a worthy opponent to President Bush, the State of the Union address made it clear that the American people have already found their leader. That leader is George W. Bush. As for the Democrats – well, I think the priggish expressions of the paradigm of morality, Sen. Ted “Chappaquiddick” […]

The diversity of ideas

The elite, liberal intelligentsia is a devoted guardian of political and social dogmas that now form the very political foundation of the modern Democratic Party. It blindly endorses such na?ve slogans as “stronger gun laws reduce crime” and “universal health care for all.” In the case of fighting fanatical terrorists intent on our destruction, we […]

From the right A discredited mantra

Just browsing through Paul Begala’s conservative smear tirade, “It’s Still the Economy, Stupid,” is a truly painful experience. The book is widely revered in the usual Democratic circles as the definitive, “must have” guide for exploiting the supposedly flawed economic policies of the Bush administration. It is premised on the shallow notion that all elections […]

Column: The closet conservative

“The Constitution requires an interpretation of the law… We want judges who will interpret the law and not make the law.” (Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, on the Senate floor, Nov. 12, 2003.) I suddenly and violently arose from my seat in the Senate gallery – I thought I was hallucinating. It was getting late and […]

Forum: Baseless accusation

Is rebuilding Iraq worth spending $87 billion? The political leak from the White House has all the elements of a classic Washington scandal, playing perfectly into the game plan of the compulsive Bush-hating Democratic hacks who thirst for political blood. And this is not to mention their willing accomplices in the national media who will […]