Gary Livacari

Gary Livacari & Peter Glessing: The children of the 60s

The passing of President Gerald Ford re-ignited the national dialogue over the greatest generation, the generation inspired by Pearl Harbor. Some say the horrors of Sept. 11 have similarly shaped Generation Y and will give us an honored place in history alongside our World War II grandparents. But the political cynicism prevalent on GW’s campus […]

Gary Livacari: Coulter on Campus: Why Ann Coulter?

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter visited GW’s campus Feb. 10. Gary Livacari defends the decision to bring her to campus. Tim Kaldas explores what it means for the College Republicans to stand behind Coulter’s remarks. The anger has settled and the hysterics have faded. The Ann Coulter event of Feb. 10 is now a permanent chapter […]

Column: The sure thing

Like the Yankees in October or a Cubs mid-season meltdown, leftist hysteria over President Bush’s Supreme Court nomination was to be expected. Rarely – in baseball or politics – is there ever a “sure thing.” But given that Judge John Roberts has already been linked to an abortion clinic bomber, we can be sure that […]

Column: The right plan for America

In 1935, Americans drove the Model T, enjoyed Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing “cheek to cheek,” watched the Chicago Cubs in a rare World Series appearance and were mostly unaware of an experimental technology known as “television.” For today’s Generation Xers, the 1930s are a world away, as contemporary American society bears little resemblance […]

Column: Still the right man

Is President George W. Bush still the “Right Man,” as author and presidential speechwriter David Frum branded him in the wake of 9/11? Public dissatisfaction with the Iraq War damaged this image, and perhaps undermined Bush’s place in history. However, after the success of the Iraqi elections and a powerful State of the Union address, […]

Column: Bush’s conservative speech

I originally planned to defend President Bush’s second inaugural address from the usual and increasingly bitter Democratic attacks. But with four more years of the Bush White House, there will be plenty of time for that later. Right now, I must answer the few – but pressing – conservative criticisms of Bush’s truly momentous speech. […]

Column: Yes, character matters

You remember the 1990s? Those wonderful Clinton years, when liberal Democrats, led by the great moralist James Carville, incessantly told us, “Character doesn’t matter.” Well, it’s time to slap another egg on Carville’s head because he and his party have been proven dead wrong again. During the Clinton impeachment proceedings, Republicans were forbidden from merely […]

Column: Power over principle

Why won’t John Kerry just admit it? He’s a liberal. On GW’s Kogan Plaza last March, he certainly did not hesitate to embrace the ultra-liberalism of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. However, the “liberal” John Kerry was nowhere to be found in the final presidential debates. Taking a page from the Clinton playbook, Mr. Kerry […]

Column: Not clear and coherent

It’s safe to say that Sen. John Kerry will never find a clear and coherent voice on the Iraq war. After an obviously lackluster and forgettable performance in Thursday’s pivotal debate, Kerry is still futilely meandering his way through a confused and hopelessly nuanced foreign policy “maze.” In the debate, Mr. Kerry was finally given […]

Column: Bursting the bubble

September 8, 2004: A day that will forevermore be remembered as Rathergate, or more precisely, “Blathergate.” It is the day that marks Dan Rather’s scurrilous, vindictive attempt to undermine the surging presidency of George W. Bush and save the ill-fated Kerry campaign. Dan Rather is, yet again, going down and going down fast. This blind, […]