Gabriel Okolski

Gabriel Okolski: Seek a better-connected president

Have you ever seen one of the bigwig’s offices over in Rice Hall? If you think that our dorm rooms are palaces, get ready to have your world turned upside-down. Extremely spacious, extravagantly finished and filled with memorabilia of all sorts – this is the type of space that President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has used […]

Gabriel Okolski: Living in poster hell

Funger Hall is already an architectural eyesore and perhaps the ugliest building on campus. I never thought it could possibly get any worse. Unfortunately, I have once again been proven wrong thanks to that special time of the year we all know and love: the Student Association election season. The building’s facade, along with other […]

Confronting housing inequities

“Dorms like palaces.” This is what caught my eye the most from the U.S. News and World Report college rankings that I have somewhat followed for the past three years. Being the no. 53 college in the nation won’t get my friends’ attention, but having some of the best cribs in the country is something […]

Gabriel Okolski: Sterilizing GW’s campus

Last week, as I groggily made my way to an 11 a.m. class, the sound of construction greeted me along with the normal chatter of students in the Ivory Tower food court. A team of men was installing a large mural above the common area, and throughout class I was wondering what sort of new […]

Gabriel Okolski: Tell us when we’re wrong

Anyone who has taken a liberal arts class at GW has been there. Everything seems fine as the professor is plodding along with the lecture. Most students have a healthy glaze over their eyes as they dutifully transcribe notes in a semi-comatose state. But a couple of diligent students in the class develop an inspired […]

Globetrotter comes home: Ambassador who resigned during war back at GW

In more than 30 years of working for the U.S. State Department, former-ambassador-turned-GW-professor Edward “Skip” Gnehm has not had very good timing. In the 1960s, his semester in Cairo was cut short by the Six Day War between Israel and several Arab states. While working to open up U.S. relations with Syria, a bomb went […]

WEB EXTRA: Suspcious package prompts Marvin Center evacuation

Posted Tuesday, Oct. 17, 10:40 p.m. Occupants of the Marvin Center were sent out into the chilly weather Monday night as University Police urgently evacuated the student center at about 9:23 p.m. because of a suspicious package. Tracy Schario, director of media relations, said a black bag was found inside a BMW car with its […]

WEB EXTRA: Rocketman: space expert John Logsdon calls GW home

On a rainy afternoon, John Logsdon sits in his office on the fourth floor of the Elliott School of International Affairs building. His workspace is lightly decorated with models of the Space Shuttle and the Saturn V rocket that first took men to the moon and other pieces of space memorabilia. If his office does […]

WEB EXTRA: Capitals back in action

With talk of rookie phenomenon Sidney Crosby and Wayne “the Great One” Gretzky’s return to the sport as a coach, there’s no question that hockey is back. The only question is whether the fans will be back as well. After resolving labor disputes that caused the cancellation of the 2004-2005 National Hockey League season, the […]