Gabriel Okolski

Gabriel Okolski: All ready for takeoff

I am dying. I know it’s been coming. I’ve been a marked man for four years since the humid summer day I stepped foot on a few acres of city streets in the heart of our nation’s capital. I’ve had plenty of time to prepare for this, but I’m still not sure how I feel […]

Gabriel Okolski: Commencement speaker angst

Over the past couple of days I have been wondering whom the senior class would least want to speak at Commencement – University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg or U.S. President George W. Bush. Of course this dichotomy is just a thought exercise proving how difficult GW students are to please. While the administration has made […]

Gabriel Okolski: The case for consistency

I’m damn proud of my GWorld card. Throughout nearly four years of scratches, swipes and abuse, the card has barely faded and still lets me pay way too much for food around campus. Even the picture is unchanged – it still shows a bright-eyed, idyllic freshman whose spirits had yet to be broken. Unfortunately, the […]

Gabriel Okolski: Beggars can’t be choosers

Earlier this semester, while strolling through the Ivory Tower lobby past midnight, I encountered a group of GW cheerleaders selling baked goods as a fundraiser. This was a much more welcome sight than the usual comatose University Police officer manning our lobby, and I purchased a late night snack from the team members. Aside from […]

Gabriel Okolski: It’s not easy being green

The North Face apparel that so many on this campus seem to wear must be bored. Instead of climbing jagged rock faces in the Alaska wilderness or tearing down blankets of powder in the Wasatch mountains, these clothes are instead defending America’s upper middle class against the brutal D.C. winters. To those of you who […]

Gabriel Okolski: Working hard, or hardly working?

Liberal arts majors have it easy. Throughout my three and a half years as a political science major at this esteemed institution, I have been able to achieve a surprising number of A’s in my major classes with relative ease. Judging from what my Bachelor of Arts-oriented friends have to say, I am not the […]

Gabriel Okolski: Let’s take a crack at something funny

I had the unpleasant experience of checking my e-mail two weekends ago only to find a whole host of prank messages from the entire senior class, of which I am reluctantly a member. The incident started when a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee solicited fourth-year students for class gift recommendations, providing mischievous students […]

Staff Editorial: Fight textbook costs

As college students prepare to return for another year of school, disproportionately high textbook costs remain a pertinent issue for higher education. While a number of studies have blamed publishers for driving up costs of books for several years, little has been done to reverse this trend for America’s college students. Last January, this page […]

Gabriel Okolski: Don’t forget G-Dub

It’s a very scary time for me. With the class of 2006 done with their GW undergraduate experience, my college career is next on the chopping block. After that, the raucous fun ends, and it’s time to file my own taxes, pay bills and find a real job. My message to the class of 2007 […]

Gabriel Okolski: Cutting music hurts GW

The “we-pay-$45,000-a-year-to-go-here-and-we-don’t-get-(insert personal wish here)” argument is inevitable at a school with such a high tuition. As a salty upperclassman, I have heard this line of reasoning many times, but have never used it myself. Now, however, it’s my turn to use this tired phrase about something that is really pissing me off. This isn’t […]