Frank Broomell

Frank Broomell: Retain respect for troops

As we have watched the war in Iraq evolve these past several years, a lot of parallels have been drawn to the Vietnam War. Even President George W. Bush recently made a comparison in arguing why it is important that we do not pull out of Iraq. Nevertheless, despite any similarities so far there has […]

Shopping in the job market

The first post-graduate job for senior Brian Fernandez came after several grueling interviews, but he said it would not have been possible without one factor – connections. “Applying to college is a fair process,” said Fernandez, who will soon start a job at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, a global public relations agency. “But here, if […]

Republican presidential candidate surprises class with lecture on Darfur

The topic for professor David Throup’s Africa in International Affairs class Thursday was Darfur, but someone other than Throup was at the front of the class. Presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) took time off from his campaign to address Throup’s students and call them to action regarding the crisis in Darfur. He spoke as […]

Libertarians join ranks of GW’s political groups

While students can attribute much of the political activity on campus to the College Republicans or College Democrats, these organizations are not the only political players on campus. Within the confines of Foggy Bottom are the smaller, but equally resolute GW College Libertarians and College Socialists. The GW College Libertarians are new to campus, having […]

Mount Vernon residents get more food options via shuttle

In response to fewer food options available on the Mount Vernon Campus, the University launched a shuttle service this month that brings students to popular shopping areas in the city. This January the University cut hours at Ames Dining Hall, the campus’ main eating venue. In mid-April, GW responded to student concern about access to […]

Students practice PR

Influence PR may not have any multi-million dollar clients like the firms it emulates, but this recently formed, student-run public relations group aims to provide its members with hands-on experience that will help them succeed in a competitive job market after graduation. Senior James Walker and juniors John Trybus and Anna Kuhn worked together to […]

Alum-ambassador examines China-Taiwan relationship

Ambassador James Lilley spoke about the relationship between China and Taiwan and the United States’ role in that relationship during a luncheon with about 100 people Friday. A GW alumnus and the former U.S. ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea, Lilley spoke as part of the Sigur Center’s conference […]

Battling in Virginia: ROTC cadets conduct weekend training

Bang! Bang! Shots rang out. After a few minutes of gunfire, several insurgents and American soldiers had been killed. After the gunfire ceased, cadre members, officers and sergeants of the United States Army, went over what participants did wrong and what they did right. This was not a real battlefield; instead, it was Fort A.P. […]