Frank Broomell

Frank Broomell: The final whistle

With his final blow of the whistle last Saturday, the referee marked the end of the game, my career as a GW rugby player and essentially my time at GW as well. There are still a few papers left to go, but with no more practices to attend or gold jerseys to wear, the end […]

Frank Broomell: Jealous of Jersey

Web Extra Ok, I get it. People at GW do not like New Jersey. They say it is dirty, that it smells or both. I would not want to go swimming in Atlantic City either. And yes, in the north the turnpike does go right by an oil refinery, but contrary to popular belief that […]

Broomell: D.C. Voting Rights Act a step in the right direction

Last week, the U.S. Senate made a promising step toward correcting a wrong that even our founding fathers fought against. The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs passed the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009. The nearly 592,000 District of Columbia residents now have their best shot yet at gaining […]

Frank Broomell: Toughen up on study abroad academics

Everyone who goes abroad knows about culture shock, but returning home also offers its own speed bumps. My study abroad program had a re-entry workshop designed to prepare us for when we returned to America. What they didn’t really tell us is that the real culture shock happens not right when your airplane lands, but […]

Frank Broomell: Don’t waste a single class

Registration is always a bit hectic. From finding classes that will count toward your degree to fitting them around your extracurricular activities, it can be a real pain to get things right. Add in the fact that taking one class over another freshman year can limit your options for minors or double majors down the […]

Frank Broomell: Root for the hometown team

Every year, without fail, October means the arrival of midterms. But this time of year means more than all-nighters and coffee runs. You know what I’m talking about – the football season and baseball playoffs. It is a time of year when Saturdays and Sundays become black holes in which no work gets done. It […]

Frank Broomell: Defending the drinking age

Debates over drinking in the United States are nothing new. There was Prohibition in the beginning of the last century, which proved extremely counterproductive. Twenty-nine states lowered their drinking age during the Vietnam era, but then in 1984, Washington made state highway funding conditional on raising the drinking age to 21. The debate has now […]

Frank Broomell: With primaries close, participation is needed

When I got home for Thanksgiving break a few weeks ago it was Tuesday night, and there was already one station playing Christmas music around the clock. It certainly seems like every year Christmas season comes earlier and earlier. This year another season is coming earlier – election season. Most people have already noticed this, […]

Frank Broomell: Meeting neighbors, one party at a time

The dorm room party is a great part of life at GW and most colleges nationwide. Everyone knows that they happen, and they can be a lot of fun. While they are usually on the smaller side, they allow friends to get together before going out or have some fun when there are no big […]