Fadi Kiblawi

Fadi Kiblawi: I will not be silenced

Last week, Hillel Director Robert Fishman sent an organizational e-mail over the Hillel listserv accusing me of being a terrorist. The claims include that I have “led chants (of) ‘Death to Jews’” and “openly admitted to associating with suicide bombers.” Needless to say, I have not done either; in fact, all of Fishman’s accusations are […]

Column: Remember Deir Yassin

For most, Saturday passed with little import. For Palestinians, though, April 9th marks a significant date in our collective memory. Early in the morning, fifty-seven years ago, commandos of the Irgun and Stern gangs attacked Deir Yassin, a village with a peaceful reputation. By noon of that day, over 100 of its inhabitants, half of […]

Column: Standing with a racist

Joseph Cohen, an Orthodox Jew, moved from the United States to Israel in 1998. Three years later, Cohen converted to Islam and changed his name to Yosef Mohammed Khatib. Today, Cohen maintains a thick New York accent but alleges his support for Hamas and Osama bin Laden. Accordingly, he believes that no Jewish life should […]

Column: Perspective on Middle East conflict skewed

The escalation of violence in the Middle East is profoundly disturbing for a number of reasons. In America, and tangibly here at GW, students are concerned that the grotesque conflict is a victim of misinformation. Meaning, for too long, U.S. financial support for many Israeli actions, irrespective of how grossly inhuman, has passed under the […]