Everly Jazi

Last-minute gifts for graduates

We get it: Between cramming for finals and working out the logistics of graduation, finding gifts for your senior friends was the last thing on your mind. But just because you need to buy a last-minute gift doesn’t mean that present can’t be thoughtful.

Alumnus adds plush way to shuttle between D.C. and New York

Banking on the idea that plenty of other people traveling between the two cities want a new way to get there – and are sick of wasting valuable Netflix time fidgeting with spotty MegaBus Wi-Fi – Seligman will launch a new high-end transportation service from D.C. to New York on Friday.

Dragged along to Nationals Park? You’ve got more options than sports

With opening day kicking off the Major League Baseball season last weekend, jersey-clad fans are starting to filling every Metro train to head toward the Southwest Waterfront.
But don’t fear if you’re not psyched about the game. There’s plenty to do in the Navy Yard area besides watch baseball, wait in a long line for a ShackBurger or see Teddy lose the Presidents Race again.