Eve Chrust

The random flower guy and that pesky need to love someone

The random flower guy and that pesky need for love from someone Since the beginning of time, men and women have been in romantic relationships. Adam and Eve were a couple in love sharing the world in a flowing garden of sensual fruits, beds of flowers, exotic animals and luscious scenery. Over the ages our […]

Column: Kisses on the cheek abound for in-betweeners

I seem to run into someone I know everywhere I go. Whether it’s on campus, in Georgetown, at Fresh Fields, at Smith & Wollensky’s Grill or on the Metro, I find myself in awkward situations at least three times a day. These uncomfortable scenes occur when I see that particular person I’ve met once or […]

Column:GW’s 21st century version of The Breakfast Club

As I sit here in Kogan Plaza on this fine, sunny January afternoon, I find myself confused. This confusion stems from two sources, but at the moment they seem to be fused into one big blur. The sun is shinning, it is 70 degrees out and I’m drinking lemonade. The issue arises in the date […]