Eve Chan

Report: Professors deserve protection when expressing personal views

Professors who express their personal political and religious views in the classroom need stronger protections, a national higher education group found. The American Association of University Professors urges institutions to protect their faculty members from attacks on their jobs based on their personal politics, especially in terms of political expression through social media. “Today, when […]

Pell Grant Program may face funding cut

Funding for the Federal Pell Grant Program is facing a potential $5.7 billion funding cut, a move that experts say may force millions of students to turn to private lenders to fund their undergraduate educations. The cuts are due to an unexpected budget shortfall in the program, after more students applied for Pell Grant funding […]

What’s the deal with… University access to dorm rooms?

GW Housing Programs staff, GW housekeepers, facilities and property management staff and contractors, University Police officers and Office of Environmental Health and Safety Inspectors. These are all the people who have access to your room. University spokeswoman Michelle Sherrard said GW has guidelines that everyone must follow before entering a room. Before entering any on-campus […]

Professor guest blogs for Washington Post

Professors at GW are often known more for their academic pursuits outside of the classroom than for what they teach in class. Some contribute to research, others appear on television and others have even less traditional ways of providing their expert opinions to the public. John Sides, an assistant professor of political science, has joined […]

Eco-friendly student groups cleanup local park

Web Exclusive Five members of Green GW joined with students from Georgetown and American universities to take part in the 22nd Annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup Saturday morning. Students volunteered to pick up garbage along with community residents and members of environmental groups at Glover Archbold Park, one of hundreds of sites registered with the Alice […]

Youth turnout expected to be lower for midterm elections

While College Republicans and College Democrats remain active on campus when there isn’t a U.S. presidential election, political involvement around GW is less visible leading up to the 2010 Congressional elections. In 2008, political fervor surged across campus as many students – even those unaffiliated with the CDs and CRs – participated in activities and […]