Evan Schwartz

Evan Schwartz: In search of a policy for PCs

The beginning of the semester here at GW requires students not only to start five new courses but also to learn the idiosyncrasies of five different professors. It is sometimes easy to forget that professors are people too, with their own lives and schedules and quirks, and like other human beings, they are entitled to […]

Evan Schwartz: Do we still need the SAT?

Flawed, biased, outdated and racist. The SAT has been called a lot of things, but now its overall merit is being called into question by both college admission boards and students. The Princeton University Office of Population Research recently conducted a study on the overall impact of the SAT on admissions. The results were somewhat […]

Evan Schwartz: Online is great. Personal is better.

GW is looking to implement an online advising system, but in digitizing an already impersonal process, the University must take care not to alienate students. The problem with advising here is twofold, and an online system would only solve one of those problems. It goes without saying that accomplishing simple tasks at GW can be […]

Evan Schwartz: Dating is not dead, just different

We’ve all heard the adage, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Well, the old system of dating was a long, confusing barnyard transaction. The New York Times recently ran an op-ed piece decrying the death of dating and the prevalence of “hooking up,” or a sexual relationship between two […]

Evan Schwartz: Ask not what RateMyProfessors can do for you

Several weeks have passed in the semester, and students are beginning to find out exactly why their professors garnered all those frowning faces next to their names on RateMyProfessors.com. The site, while undoubtedly useful, can be very hit or miss. RateMyProfessors has inspired thousands of students to avoid taking that one particular biology class, but […]

Evan Schwartz: Let’s not be trigger-happy

Hope and change may be at an all-time high in America right now, but so is something else – gun sales. In the lead-up to this month’s presidential election, a jarring statistic caught my eye. October 2008 saw a 49 percent increase in gun license sales over October 2007. People have the fundamental right to […]

Evan Schwartz: Freedom to drink 40s

America is a land built on freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to get drunk on anything we desire. America is a land of choices: between beer or vodka, peppermint schnapps or airplane bottles of tequila, rubbing alcohol or paint varnish. On Wednesday, the D.C. City Council passed Councilman Jack Evans’ […]