Evan Schwartz

Evan Schwartz: Ignore the Westboro Church

On Nov. 11, members of the Westboro Baptist Church will picket at GW. They are protesting, in their own words, “to remind this nation that this next generation of young people have been raised for the devil himself.” For those who don’t know, the Kansas-based group is the brainchild of pastor and former lawyer Fred […]

Evan Schwartz: Tea party throws off congressional balance

As students and their families swarmed to campus for move-in on Saturday, tea partiers swarmed the District to attend the “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial. And while the timing served as a reminder of what living in D.C. means for GW students, it also indicated a recent paradigm shift in the Republican Party. […]

Evan Schwartz: Why GW can’t do what Kagan did

Solicitor General Elena Kagan will likely be confirmed to the Supreme Court in the next few weeks, making her the fourth female Supreme Court Justice in history. But Kagan is under scrutiny as the confirmation process progresses, and she is facing backlash thanks to a decision she made while she was Dean of Harvard Law […]

Evan Schwartz: Trading safety for a vote

D.C. may finally get a voting member in the House of Representatives, but it looks like it will come at the cost of further weakening Washington’s already diminished gun control laws. As Congress moved closer to passing a D.C. voting rights bill last year, pro-gun Republicans in Congress attached a key addendum that would give […]

Evan Schwartz: Confessions of a binge drinker

Picture this: a college-aged girl, after way too many drinks, hanging her head in a toilet. The slogan: “Best night of my life.” This is not a scene from McFadden’s late on a Thursday night. It is an anti-binge drinking Public Service Announcement, designed to curb excessive drinking among college kids. According to news reports, […]

Evan Schwartz: Paper, plastic and taxes

Americans have always bristled at the introduction of new taxes. We are taught that the American Revolution started as a result of unfair taxes imposed by our colonial overlords across the Atlantic, and such taxes gave birth to the concept of “Taxation without Representation.” Most of us see that phrase every day – emblazoned on […]

Evan Schwartz: College applications in a post-race world

In a recent editorial for The Boston Globe, columnist Neal Gabler railed against what he referred to as “the college admissions scam” and a perceived bias in admission board selection against, well, everyone. Gabler made it seem as though anyone who is not a privileged white high school student has no chance of getting into […]

Evan Schwartz: Mary Jane’s getting older

Last week, the Obama administration pledged to stop cracking down on citizens using medical marijuana, as long as they were complying with state laws. Fourteen states have laws allowing medical marijuana, and more may follow in the coming years. The growing acceptance of marijuana as a legitimate medical treatment has directly resulted in legislative change, […]

Evan Schwartz: A slippery slope dealing with sex

Tufts University recently added a new wrinkle to its residence hall room guest policy specifically prohibiting sex when a roommate is present. The Office of Residential Life claims that they received “a significant number” of calls last year from roommates complaining that their roommates were having sex with a blatant disregard for the sanctity of […]

Dependent on dealers for grades

The pressures of college are enough to drive many students to drugs. It may be impossible to gauge how many students illegally use Attention Deficit Disorder muse methylphenidates like Ritalin and Adderall at GW, but it is difficult to dispute the results many students attribute to the pills themselves. According to a 2004 Harris Interactive […]