Erin Shea

Erin Shea: Holy guacamole! It’s over!

Every year, all the graduating seniors in the editorial office get 30 inches to write whatever they want. Usually, this includes tidbits of wisdom and nostalgia-evoking stories about the first time that person walked into The Hatchet office. My 30 piece is going to be all this and more … so prepare yourself for 6,300 […]

Local artists search for selves

Try to find someone who will argue that New York is not the center of the American contemporary art scene. After all, it is the birthplace of abstract expressionism – a movement many believe lit the furnace for domestic modern art production under such figures as Pollack, de Kooning and Rothko. However, with New York […]

The Art of Science: Trachtenbergs’ collection of Einstein memorabilia on display

Most people know Albert Einstein as that guy who developed the theory of relativity, or the formula E = mc2. When associating Einstein with the academic world, he is most closely linked to mathematics and physics rather than any right-side-of-the-brain subjects, such as fine arts. “Images and Ideas: Centennial Celebration of Einstein’s Miraculous Year,” an […]

Art ‘en plein air’

Imagine standing at the edge of a tidal basin in Seal Point, Maine, during early spring – the muddy season. In the distance, the sun peeks out over the horizon, its morning rays causing the water and mud in the harbor to pick up an unexpected array of colors. Now imagine an oil painting that […]

Pop art and parody

Hidden behind a green folding panel in the East Building of the National Gallery of Art’s reception room is a collection of 13 rarely exhibited Roy Lichtenstein drawings, contributing to the museum’s collection of Lichtenstein’s comic strip-styled pop art. The drawings, primarily of graphite and colored pencil, are all studies he completed in preparation for […]