Erin Karp

Internships present excellent opportunities

When the school year begins to draw to an end, many students try to figure out what do to over the summer. Whether they go home or stay in D.C., some take classes, others get a job at the mall and the lucky ones spend their days lounging by the pool. Most students, however, can […]

Features: Tuned into “Sex and the City”

During HBO’s “Sex and the City” season, once loud and noisy residence hall rooms become hushed and quite. The only noise that can be heard comes from the television as GW students gather together to watch one of the most popular shows on TV today. Many GW students, both male and female, said they look […]

Spotlight: Pasta and pizza with a smile

Lines often extend into Kogan Plaza. The aroma of garlic and cheese escape and travel down H Street. But this is not one of D.C.’s five star restaurants. The popular eatery is John Rider’s pasta and pizza cart, a favorite dining alternative for many GW students. The cart has been a permanent fixture at GW […]