Eric Snyderman

Kesem fights cancer

Freshman Heather Niemetscheck remembers what it feels like to need a break from home – especially when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The experience prompted her to start working with students to create a sleep-away camp for children who have parents with cancer. “It’s good to separate yourself from that tense atmosphere,” Niemetscheck said. […]

What’s the deal with… …the cans at 2000 Penn?

“A beacon of hope has arisen among a sea of cans. A strong -willed fighter has emerged whose single goal is to destroy this wicked monster. A robot in disguise that is our saving grace. He is energized to transform hungry stomachs into full bellies.” This may sound like a quote from the recent Transformers […]

Eric Snyderman: In support of summer school

I take my pack off my shoulders and have a seat at a sidewalk table. Someone places a menu in front of me. After discovering that all of the items are written in a language beyond my understanding, I simply point out a dish at random. The meal is a pleasant surprise, as is the […]

Sodexho to run revamped J Street

Big changes are again coming to the University’s largest campus dining venue, J Street. The University announced this week that Aramark, which in 2002 signed a 10-year contract with the University, will no longer operate food venues in the Marvin Center. Food-service provider Sodexho will be taking over food operations June 1. With the management […]

WEB UPDATE: New service provider replaces Aramark

Aramark will no longer be the University’s main food service provider beginning May 31, administrators announced Monday during a meeting of student group leaders. Sodexho, the company’s national competitor, will replace Aramark and is set to make changes to campus dining options by constructing new venues and making replacements in J Street. Quizno’s will replace […]

Former No. 2 ranked player now coaching GW chess team

Members of the GW chess team can now say they have something in common with world champion Bobby Fischer: they both have had the same coach. Chess Grand Master Lubomir Kavalek joined the GW chess team this month as its coach. Kavalek is a former No. 2-ranked player in the world, the former coach of […]

Ginsburg recalls legacy of Rehnquist

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice of the Supreme Court, made a rare public speaking appearance at the Jack Morton Auditorium Thursday to discuss the legacy of the recently deceased Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Her words were made strictly from prepared notes about the former chief justice, and she did not mention new Chief Justice John […]